500 Miles Test: Adidas ALPHABOUNCE is better than ULTRABOOST 1.0? The Best shoe for travelling

I never thought I would mention this in a video, but I guess experience with them both after walking with the alphabounce and the ultraboost for 500 + miles hours really did change my perspective on what is comfortable. Remember this review is for the ultraboost 1.0 not the 2.0 or 3.0.

So have you travelled far with the Ultraboost or Alphabounce? Which one in your opinion is the best shoe for long distance travelling?

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ERES One says:

use them both together lol :v

J Wohl says:

WoW just got a pair of alpha bounce EM. Ordered them on line, and took a shot that my normal size 12 would fit. Size 12 does in fact fit my foot, but the foot opening in shoe is WAY to small. I have to cram my heel into shoe and my foot BARELY makes it. Its like a size 12 shoe with the foot opening of a size 9 or 10. WTF adidas? And there is no way they will strech over time for this not to be an issue, trust me!
Alphas seem to be much more comfortable with no insole. I tried to fit some memory foam insert in these shoes but there just isnt enough room inside for my size 12 foot and a thin memory foam insert. Overall not not a bad shoe but I will not be buying a second pair. I wish manufactures (NIKE) would get off their lazy a$$ and make more then 4 shoes in a wide size. I swear, I cant buy nike because they are just to tiny and as a result uncomfortable. So I buy adidas instead and they make tiny shoe openings???? Its like shoe manufactures do not know or more over do not care that there are people out there with BIG FEET! EnD RaNt… …

newjerseyjustin says:

the boost gum gets way dirtier it looks like

Noman Abdullah says:

when you are doing one video do one do not just advertise for hunders of others thats how you loose people

NETVO TV says:

AlhaBounce Or Pegasus

Patrick Webb says:

this was posted on my birthday!

bine key says:


reignman says:

ugly, but comfy for walking, hoka clifton 3, hmm..well, but i guess grandpa trainer is in trend now.

Alexander Atkinson says:

Wise bring all mechanism Christian president pen county billion likely master.


I don’t like those..

AndreWithADub says:

Here’s the thing, ultra boost is a more known shoe to most people but the alpha bounce is more if you are a deeper sneaker head.What most people see of the surface of sneaker heads is ultra boost,yeezy,Air force 1,most known jordans,air max, and nmds which means if you have kicks like that you are more than likely called a sneaker head by people that aren’t sneaker heads. Not saying that sneaker heads have to buy a well known shoe.Hypebeast are more known to people because hype is created mostly by social media of a celebrity that has a collaboration with a sneaker compampany, example Kanye west, most people follow the hype of his yeezy collection and mainly with Adidas where he sold most shoes with the 350. Sometimes Hypebeast try to flex but really don’t know the subculture of sneakers, but knowing only that the pair of shoes are famous for the person and not what they did. If you understand the reason why the sneaker is popular this is not directed to you.

rynorigami says:

whats that ALPHABOUNCE colorway?

Ramba YT says:

i use them on normal days not only running they cost like 120€

Johnny Lee says:

yes you are right never tried ultraboost (but I do have 12 pureboost dpr) , I had first gen alphabounce, wore it while travelled In HK last year, walked 8am to 10pm everyday for 3 days and it was comfortable, never felt like I wanted to take off the shoes, unlike say vapormax, or even my favorite pureboost DPR, you want to remove them after few hours.

RyderHa12d says:

I 100% get that tingle feeling. I didnt know why, thought something was wrong with my foot. Then I noticed I only got this in the boost.


Air max are way better tbh

Rox R says:

Awesome review!

Tyler Hobbes says:

I wanted to cop a pair of airmax 270’s but stumbled upon this video…bought two pairs, loved the comfort and reactivity; and got another pair of alphabounce beyonds. Best shoe purchase I’ve made in a long time

Thank you so much ✌️

Dylan says:

Picked these up for 50 dollars, gonna use these as my daily runners instead of either of my UBs so I can keep them clean for longer than a week.

OrisueCrew says:

I have two pairs without the engineered mesh. I like them, but they do not breath AT ALL. Makes them stink fast if you have sweaty feet.

Joe Stuart says:

Just bought a pair of Alphabounce today as I have been doing a ton of walking at work. Thanks for the review it def helped my buying decision.

AbrahamLee says:

I weight less than 110lbs, I can’t really feel UB squishiness. So shouldn’t be a problem to me.

reallyasian says:

thank god i saw this video. debating over which to get for work where i will be moving alot.

soulhunter ex says:

Agree with your opinion. 1 more thing UB dont need much time to break in compare to alphabounce

Henry Zhou says:

Which camera did you use for your trip? They are really good quality. I would like to get one too.

Ho Gaius says:

Hey i wanted to ask you for comfort wise, is the RC m very different from the EM’s? I personally tried on both and felt that the EM’s were way more comfy than the RC m especially at the toe box area because RC m felt really tight.


Wear one size small…

R H says:

Is there a shoes that look lowkey like the vans era with an ultraboost feel? Lmao

TEDdotcom says:

So true, funny how it seems.

It’s the reason why I gave away my Boost…

Jonathan says:

Do you even try to lace up the UltraBoost? Maybe that’s why you not feeling good for walking in long period of time.

BillyVisuals says:

Check out my latest styling video with Yeezy Belugas here ▶ https://goo.gl/UWuhWn

Hugh Janus says:

Are you black?

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