adidas adizero adios 2017 Performance Review

Wanna go fast? Here is a fast day shoe from adidas. The adizero adios 2017! Here are my thoughts after 50+ miles.

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Joeven Gonzales says:

8.25 oz is heavy?

Ben McDonald says:

Is there a shoe which is pretty much this shoe but for over pronators?

Philip Graves says:

Looks like version 3. I took mine on trail too! Ripped a hole in the upper. A bad sewing job and liquid stitch fixed it!

Ben Leonard says:

Just curious…how did you end up cleaning the shoe before the review? Washer machine?

Lu Ye says:

I have been running marathon since 2012 with adios and total 11 full marathons. The shoe is fast and durable. It’s the best light running flat and even it may be just a bit more weight than a few others but the benefit is out-weight other shoes . I tried Nike and didn’t like it. I had my PR last month’s race with 3:04.

Christian Neff says:

Dang, just bought these for XC, we run a lot of trials. Uh oh

Ben McDonald says:

Great review, is this a neutral or support shoe? How does it compare to other speed/ tempo shoes such as Nike zoom fly which I was thinking of getting before I saw this

purana paapi says:

Which is more softer adios 3 or Boston 6?

Lexygoy says:

I’m curious if it’s washer friendly ?

remy boy says:

do you have review on supernova sequence 9

Naha Musa says:

i feel like right side of this adidas adios is smaller than left that true??

Will W says:

What do you think about the adios vs the Nike zoom fly?

photo camera says:

Hi, I still have a pair of Nike Free 5.0 from about 2007. What would be a modern day equivalent to that shoe?

exofrenon says:

very good review ,adios is by far the best running shoe

Eddard Snark says:

Did you have any sizing issues with the shoe? I have the Boston 6 and it fits perfectly in my normal size, with a comfortable little bit of toe room. I ordered the Adios in the same size, put it on and it fit super tight in the toe box, like active discomfort on a test run, and guaranteed blisters if I kept going. I’m definitely gonna have to go half a size up.

Jamie Janos says:

We wish we had shoes like this in the 70’s…LOL

Joel Matthew Shauver says:

If ran in it everyday, 3 to 4 miles a day, how long to you think it would last?

Haydon Cunninghame says:

I am tossing up between getting the adios, the Boston, or the Nike Zoom Elite 9 for my next marathon. I am a bit worried the adios won’t have enough cushioning to get me through the distance (hoping to run about 3.10). Do you have any recommendations between the 3?

Juusto says:

I bought a pair in 2016. not enough change to get a new one.

Direito Em Tela says:

that’s the adios 3

adam dooley says:

Im off to brake the world record in them

Fron Villa says:

To me; One of the best performance shoes ever made!

BalkanRunner says:

Lookin’ sharp

Ben McDonald says:

Hey, would it be better to get two shoes as a fast/ tempo shoe and a race shoe or just this shoe or one like this to cover both types of runs (plus a shoe like saucony ride/ Nike Pegasus).

filip says:

You’re the first person I’ve heard say that these shoes are heavy.

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