Adidas is back with their prime time racing shoe. Not the nike vaporfly , but it has a more traditional ride. great for track workouts, 5k & 10k

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Pernection says:

They just remade the old model that I bought and its not that good.

Safari87 says:

Killin’ it Jamie

bobbyperu says:

I hope they changed the torsion shank. It’s puncturing the outsole within 100k, and then the boost starts to break. Happened to my Adios 3 and Adizero Prime. Love the traction and responsiveness during track workouts though.

TheSilentRoar says:

They seem pretty decent. How responsive do the Adios 4 feel compared to the New Balance 1400 V6? #MaryBethOrNah.

kofuzi says:

love that drone footage

Neil Rockwell says:

Forget Adidas. Get some Nestle Boost. That liquid chocolatey goodness is all the Boost you need.

Shahin Ibrahimov says:

looks terrible. pass

Edwin chattellon says:

That like ratio is golden

Tomeljefe says:

I like Adidas, their fit have always been good for me and their shoes can take some punishment. Switched to NB though as it seemed like they almost went the way of ASICS and started focusing on gimmicks over the performance and fit. If I was going to buy a new pair for me the Boston series looks like their best shoe although tbh not seeing anything to challenge the infamous Skechers in this review.

birdcut says:

My Adios 3 has been with me more than 500 miles and it’s time to change my racing shoes. Thank God Adidas didn’t ruin the shoes I’ve been loving so far and Adios 4 will be my next racing flat.

Thank you Jami and Mary Beth for a great review.

Sotiris Diamantopoulos says:

Re your question whether adidas should take more risks or no… well, in the recent years, whenever adidas tried to seriously update a shoe, they messed up. So, although one part of me would be interested to see an updated boston or adios, I really believe that they will ruin the shoe if they try to change the midsole.

Jim Duyck says:

A lil’ Needtobreathe instrumental action. Nice.

fr4ncis _12 says:

Adidas could have improved the traction, making it cover the whole foot

Liam S says:

New balance 1500v6 vs these runners. Which is better in your opinion?

Ted Forsström Jacobsson says:

The two goats come together for the big time shoes. That video made me want to get faster. So thanks for that, and I will be making sure to keep it decently tight

ptheiss0428 says:

I’ve been using the Zante 4 for speed work and my last few half-marathons. I love that shoe—a lot. But I got the Adios 4 a couple weeks ago and think it’ll replace the Zante. It doesn’t transition as well as the Zante, but it’s more comfortable and more responsive. It really pushes you forward.

Jordan Thomas says:

Oh so we droning now???? Dope video man. I’m looking for my 2019 race shoe and this looks like a great shoe for a 5k/10K.

Greg Lummis says:

I think it’s smart Adidas keeps this shoe basically the same every year. I always get a pair and I always know what to expect. I also agree that it’s narrow, but since I usually use it for mid legnth runs, it’s fine and I like having my foot shrink-wrapped when I pick up the pace.

FTStratLP says:

kofuzi listen!

Victor Abel says:

Mary Beth is back, I don’t care if she is reviewing and empty box, you have my thumb up. #DontLetHerGo #MaryBethOrNah

Teh Kai Loon says:

The legend return, simply Jami’s channel video of the year, #MaryBethOrNah

dokutaaguriin says:

I have been waiting for a review of Adios 4. Presto, you did a GREAT job reviewing it.

Neil Stephen Valenzuela says:

Nice intro 🙂
Nice to see the adios almost unchanged. Like they say- if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

Run & Eat says:

I like marrybath so much ♡

David Vinge says:

Are they worth the upgrade or should I get the adios 3 for half price?

aristodiga82 says:

FINALLY… the adios 4…
was hoping you’d rate the shoe as ‘amazing’ compared to adios 3. but if there’s not much change in it, I think I’d stick to the plan of getting the razor 3…. or a discounted adios 3.

135Pandemonium says:

Amazing shoe

Orlundo Jones says:

And she is back ladies and gentlemen!!! #MaryBethOrNah…

Matthew Arias says:

lolol the other week I was looking into getting these and thought to myself, “I wonder if my boy Jami is gonna review these. I should wait.” Always coming up clutch. Even more so by bringing in the Tom Brady of runners, MB.

Mr FSU says:

Another awesome Video!!!!!!!!!!

topoisomerace says:

I prefer the classic look of the Adios 3. The shorter three stripes on this version look odd. I would only buy the Adios 4 if I can no longer find the Adios 3 anywhere.

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