adidas Barricade 2017 Boost Men’s Shoe Review

Plush comfort gets taken to a whole new level in the Barricade 2017 Boost! A brand new knit upper is soft out of the box and naturally molds to your foot during play. A memory foam ankle collar has also been added to the back of the shoe, providing a luxurious feel while helping locking in the back of the foot during play. Last but certainly not least, adidas’ signature Boost cushioning is used in the heel to give you unmatched cushioning, shock absorption and energy return under foot. Premium performance has never felt so good!


Gerard Heng says:

Hi, can I get your help in choosing a tennis shoe? I have a history of ankle sprains, creaky knees and wide, flat feet. I prefer shoes that are not too heavy, sit low to the ground, but has good heel cushion. Thank you!

T says:

hi, which tennis shoes do you think are the MOST comfortable/cushioning of them all?

nicolás andres says:

How much?

Tom Coward says:

hello tennis warehouse! I know this barricade has a 6 month warranty on the outsole, I have the previous version (2016 boost) and wondered how I can get a new pair as they have worn through at 3-4 months. I live in the UK, thanks!

Vortex Designs says:

Hi TW, i have the head graphene xt speed ltd edition racquet and i want to purchase torna grip overgrip. should i buy the original version or the xl version

steven t says:

hi tennis warehouse.. was wondering if jason had to size up due to his wide feet and if so, did it affect his movements? cheers tw.

matistysk79 says:

This is by far the best tennisshoe I ever played with. The cushion is amazing and I can move freely. Earlier on I had some issues with pain in my knee but since I switched to Barricade Boost all the pain has gone, so fantastic.

HenryOnTheBus says:

Did Andy wear them? What did he think?

Jake W says:

Do you have any idea when the next colors for the 2017 barricades are coming?

vedr4n says:

Is it true to its size? My foot is 27,5 in socks.. would that be 42 or 42 2/3? i had toe problems with adidas ubersonic 1 42size.. Thanks.

Ian Patrick Israel Patriarca says:

Great review, I’ve played in other sports with the boost midsole, do you think Adidas Tennis will ever put a full-length boost midsole on the Barricade or even the Ubersonic 2’s?

Matías Esquenet says:

Hey guys, I play in the Barricade 2016 boost and the shoe feels on the limit maximum weight I like. Is the only downside for me because the shoe overall is very comfortable, stable and durable. Chris mentioned that It might be heavier, do you all find it heavier than the 2016? Cause maybe I should switch to the Asics Gel res 7 (never tried asics before), what do you think? Thanks!

Alex Pham says:

Great review on the 2017 boost, I was wondering is there any news on the release date of more color ways?

Trần Thái Sơn says:

Hi, i’m planning to get the Barricade shoes, but i dont play tennis at all, so is that shoe fit with walking ?

Koby Bonta says:

Should I get this shoe or the Asics GR7?

Justin Mark says:

Bought these (my first Adidas tennis shoes) and just off a three hour practice session earlier… It did not go well! I found the shoes very narrow around the mid foot and especially in the toe box and after running round the court for three hours my feet were sore but I didn’t expect to find after removing the shoes that my socks were COVEREEEED in blood! Got really bad blisters on my toes after just 3 hours :/ How do the Asics GR7 compare to these shoes? These Barricade’s are defo too narrow for me…

fanman71 says:

I have the Barricade Alexander & I have to agree w/ the playtesters it runs just a bit narrow, nice shoe though.

saigonbond says:

Need widths!!! Some of us don’t have ballerina feet…

Jonathan Pacheco says:

Hi, whats shoes will provide the most cushion and comfort? I have the Asics Gel resolution 6 but I really didn’t like them they felt stiff and my ankles are hurting after every single practice, I love Asics for running and have wear like 6 pairs of Nimbus and Kayanos during the last 2 years, I thought I will also love Asics for tennis but it was not the case. I read that New Balance 1006 or adidas barricade boost or the Lotto Stratosphere were more plush and cushioned than the resolution 6 so base on your experience whats shoes will provide better cushion an comfort? Thanks.

Jude Dixon Tennis says:

hi, I have the barricade 2016 boost and planning to change later this year what differences are there between both shoes?

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