Today I’m reviewing the Adidas Boost You Wear BYW Lvl 1. The BYW is inspired by the 90’s Adidas Feet You Wear. The Boost You Wear features a huge articulated boost midsole. The Adidas BYW Lvl 1 launches January 27th at limited Adidas retailers. Check out my review to learn more!

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Yann /D says:

Kind off a balenciaga ripoff tbh

Samudra Puma says:

These look so good, I love these

mawb town says:

I think this is one of the best looking Adidas

samphbarnes says:

These look so much better on foot

ookami_ heights says:

actually after that on foot i think i like these

GaryTheGreat says:

Bro i love how u put shoes that match the theme of the shoe that u reveiw

KF Gaming says:

Look way better on foot

Owen Elliott says:


Cool Shadow says:

This shoe is way better than yeezys I have them and they were very comfortable

Samudra Puma says:

These are one of those shoes that I keep seeing, and wanting to buy; but there’s so many other great pick ups; but I got my eye on these though.

BRU -WINS21 says:

r u serious these rnt basketball shoes? i thot they were

Crev 4Cuba says:

From the side it looks like Woody The Woodpecker..

Gnat Foehn says:

I’m in for that midsole, but the small lines everywhere with the rope laces makes it look like a mess to me.

Maciej Rusiniak says:

When he did all them upclose shots they look really low quality . The embroidery the glue and the cutouts

KY_Legend says:

I think they’ll sit. I’ll likely hit the mall and try them on lol

Rafi Fathan says:

crazy explosive on steroids

David Faridi says:

What the fuck?? Is nobody gonna say that it looks like rick owens runner?

Yolk Those Nuts says:

They look like the desert rats.

Ian De Castro says:

they look like rick owens low runners 😮

BR8 Chill says:

I bought them online from foot locker very uncomfortable and laces are very long and thin.

Eli Deg says:

I’m on the fence about these, but the leaked Pharrell ones with the full prime kit upper are on a whole new level

Joseph Hipouloum says:

I put 9us Nike and 9 1/2us Yeezy V2, what would be the best size for this BYW for me? Thank you.

robin vd berg says:

Lmao wtf is that?

Nicole Molgado says:

This is one of the ugliest shoes I’ve ever seen. (behind dad shoes) Ever since I saw it it’s been fucking ugly and that’ll never change. Yeezy on the name or not, I’d never own it.

kingsnyder3310 says:

Just bought there worth it! Comfy A+

Raphael Asistin says:

crazy in hand, pretty dope on foot

awakenosiris says:

These will sell. If you can’t afford the balenciaga triple s or you can’t get your hands on the Yeezy boost 700 waverunner. Nice alternative

SRrandazzo 03 says:

These shoes are nice but y’all know one hyped up person is gonna wear them and they gonna sell them …… Just waiting on Kanye to wear them.

Barry Mcockener says:

ugly af…. Looks low quality af too. Looks like a knock off yeezy mudrat

Tiger25NYC Brooklyn says:

This reminds me of the crazy 8 mixed with Y3. That’s fire if this was a Yeezy shoe it would of been sold the fuck out.

DHINTON7295 says:

That heel thing is hideous.

Sam Wolkerstorfer says:

Ugly, just straight up ugly.

ETHAN SP says:

ok listen heres my dillema: im a jordan head – so much so i dont even call myself a sneakerhead, just a jordan head. but this shoe is SO FUCKING FIRE. YALL HATE? MORE FOR ME THESE SHITS RUN FOR LIKE 120 ON GOAT IN MY SIZE AHAHHAHAH

윙봉 says:

Unique yeah

wepeel17 says:

those look fake af

Jean Thomas says:

This shoe needs a sexier upper but its fire

Ninja Hacking/Glitching says:

Why is it cool to think ugly shit isn’t ugly?

kyyytS_ says:

_t h i c c_ *boost*

Lucius Nguyen says:

lmao sole of Rick Owen Tech Runner

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