Adidas ClimaCool 02/17 Review!

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5d Battery

5d Lens 35mm

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Nick Lawery says:

Adv means advanced

T Rx I S T says:

If it was boost these would be a definite cop bc it looks dope

K Blank says:

Guys, what shoe will be better if i play on an outdoor court the Kyrie 2 or Adidas C-10

B.W.A says:

guys can you help me out im looking for my first basketball shoe I’m a wing player who has an all around play what I’m looking for: fit, good cushion (don’t mind air), durability, support and it being affordable

Betrand908 GT says:

Can you Make a Video Test Kyrie2 Off Court

William Stover says:

So nice

Phantom Assassin says:

Do climacool 1vs the new model

Nico Giducos says:

I always get shook’d that the audio is always inverted, dons voice at the right side when hes at the left on the vid and likewise for sam… #shook’d

Sexychino says:

Y’all should review the tubular rise joints

Genbu says:

Check out the Climacool 2. Looks like the 1 but with big vent grills on the sides

the one says:

I thought “adv” meant advanced

Lance Stewart's Son says:

Another basketball shoe review?

Yen the smiling dinosaur says:

try the sock dart, you will like it

Phantom Assassin says:

Do climacool 1vs the new model

Aaron Henson says:

Adidas swift please!!!!

Mr Kim Il-sung says:

dafuq wears trainers without socks.

Mitchell Cooper says:

They need boost

MrMikemontei says:

Under armour have a ventilation shoes call  CoolSwitch.. don’t know if it really works but you guys should try it and compare to this shoe.

Namesi says:

You guys are awkward af.

Don’t be looking down the whole time, don’t talk at the product, don’t mumble, don’t act like you’d rather be doing anything else, and remove the following words from your vocab: Actually, Like, Really, Super, Cool.

Bush League.

BennyDarsono says:

Please review Adidas Swift Run

Future Spices says:

Those are dope af

Andy Luo says:

If it was cheaper, it would be an ok buy. But there are better options for the price, and for that reason, I’m out

Yuuki Shimizu says:

adv advance?

Jerry Hong says:

they ll sell out if they put boost on em

Rayzajw says:

This is a retro. It came out ages ago

mw914 says:

review airmax 97 please

logicast says:

but the real question is

does it basketball

LeagueGasm Studios says:

Wtf….. Why did u have to review this…. It just went up in price on goat app

poppadompalish says:

Hey guys, I’m gonna get some Kyrie 3s soon and the style and colour is sold out in my size and the one up isn’t. Is it worth it and would it still fit well?

Mangue_Poilu says:

Hey why you don’t review the air max 2017

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