Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 Primeknit Performance Review!

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Rj Esberry says:

Should I get these or hyperdunk 2016 flyknit

Patrick1988Star says:

crazy explosive coming out strong once again!

Alex Rueth says:

Crazy Explosive 2017 vs CrazyLight Boost 2016 please

Lil Pump says:

Got em shoes they hella fine

Stanlie King says:

Dope reviews bros. A definite hyped shoes. Can you guys do a Harden BTE review man, it’s growing on me…please please! Thanks 🙂

Daniel Luong says:

Can you guys do a review on the Adidas Explosive Bounce? Looks like the Crazy Explosive 2017, but with Bounce and not Boost.

Haris Wandy says:

400th liker

gavin vanalfen says:

So Ive had some problems with my arch falling over the outside of the shoes, does this support the arch?

Algerian Montana says:

I agree that the outrigger is unnecessary and for me it caused discomfort. It’s funny you guys say the forefoot is more plush, Weartesters said it was more firm. To me it is the same, it might feel slightly different because the cage/encap setup is different. The outsole is the same, at most the rubber is slightly thicker but honestly we are talking a milometer at most.

I am glad you guys agree that it feels a little bulky. The materials in the upper are awesome but WTF is up with the construction??? You have a big Boost unit, a big cage around it and a fairly aggressive heel counter … all very heavy and bulky. The upper is just a sock, so you have a super bottom heavy shoe.

Lockdown to me was better in some aspects but the weight distribution issue and the rigid fit (as a low) versus the feathery feel of the top makes the shoe feel way heavier and bulkier than it is. Less speed IMO than last year’s model and less stability, bad combo. I agree with the positional versatility, maybe not quite the level of the Clutchfit Drive, but up there.

As far as fit, you guys say it accommodates a variety of foot types and go down half a size, then than it’s narrow and go true to size. Oddly, I understand this, it’s not conflicting info. For a wide footer I felt like the 2016 fit just riiiiight going true to size. These were slightly narrow going true to size and going down half a size was definitely not an option.

They look nice, not as in-your-face as last year’s model, cleaner silhouette.

The weight distribution is a killer and personally the heel counter *killed* my heel/achilles, ripped the skin off one foot and irritated the other. The fact that they didn’t improve the forefoot cushioning and outsole significantly and then added issues with the heel counter and weight distribution made these a HUGE disappointment to me after owning several pairs of 2016s.

Connor Allen says:

Da fuck is Donny boy wearing lol

Brandon Rivera says:

Are these good for volleyball? Vertical jump wise

Ian Patrick Israel Patriarca says:

Lockdowns better cause they added the extra lace loop unlike last years retail model. The Crazy Ex 2016 Pro Models had 5 instead of 4.

Jonathan Russian says:

More brand black vs videos pls!

Yeti Wap says:

So… you wanna buy a pair of black cement 3s huh?

Cameron Brawn says:

Should I get the low version of these or the kobe 10 for volleyball?

Vasilis Papagrigoriadis says:

Hey guys WHAT about doing a VS Between PG1 AND Crazy EXPLODE LIKE MY DONNIE BOY SAYS?

Matt Pettit says:

Way less bulky than last years. Narrow so I went up half a size from last year and they fit perfect.

Millicente says:

This vs Harden LS!

will akkaya says:

Best hoop shoes of all time… yea I said it…

Mister T says:

Simpley the today’s best bb-shoe. The 2017 is 50 Gramms lighter than the 2016. I have the gray-red color way, that looks like my favorite AJ-B.B.-shoe, the AJ28 red gray

Hugo Uribe says:

Sammy lee is always staring his shoes and picking at them. Smh

Iuduedu says:

Samy, do not get absobed by the fucking shoe like a freaking authistic boy; TALK TO THE CAMERA

Plank says:

Fuck so if you follow him unfollow now

Andrew Gillham says:


Frankie G says:

Can you guys review the kd 10? I know not many people like him or his shoes but I would like to see how they are

Lil Marsh says:

more like crazy expensive

joe puddle says:

hey dudes, how does this shoe fit with an ankle brace? cheers!

ballerscentral says:

I need new shoes! I weigh 90 pounds, I’m 5,2 and I play at point guard for middle School team. Any recommendations?

Robert Faller says:

How do you guys only have 170K? These videos are so good

sinn_ says:

Waiting for low version

brandon nguyen says:

Hey would you prefer these or the Hyperdunk react 2017 flyknit? Would help if you replied!

Nickscan77 says:

And 1s

Kristian Dowling says:

Fit is NOT like last year, like these guys are saying. It’s MUCH tighter than last years and if anything, you may need to go up half a size, so beware.

Glen Santos says:

Got mine! Amazing shoe. Better than last year.

Dalton Silverman says:

I just wish the colorways were better

Jael Llabres says:

i wonder whats gonna happen if the outsole worn out to the point the stable frame was exposed? whats going to happen with the traction? im not really a fan of this kind of style they couldve placed the frame in between the boost.

Kyler Giroux says:

bro sammy make up ur mind *it feels bulcky* 5 seconds later *it feels light*

Eric says:

I’m 14, 6ft 146 pounds, should I get these shoes? I need support and good cushion. I won’t be able to try these on if I want them, I’ll have to order them. Should I get them?

Jami e says:

Better than last year’s version??

Endi Llaperi says:

What size should I buy them online im im midle of 9.5 and 10

Robin Carlos Pineda says:

Are they hard to put on?

Matt Park says:

How do you clean em?

Serenity in silence says:

I really dislike the faux sock look on this shoe. The only real advantage is that it accommodates for an ankle brace, while still looking like a high top. Other than that, it’s ugly af. I prefer the look of the regular crazy explosives this year.

Kyrie Irving says:

Which shoe should i get harden vol 1 or harden lifestyle or crazy explosive 2017 for basketball

Andrew Low says:

Tried these on in store and the heel was super tight. Tried on iin regular and adidas size. Did y’all have the same problem at first?

Lightning DH says:

Should I get PG 1, Kyrie 3, Flyknit react hyperdunk, Or Kobe AD???

Lim Sze Hong says:


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