Adidas Crazy Hustle Performance Review!

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christian aurich says:

You guys should do a lebron XII black lion vs. air jordan XXX black cat

tiismuna says:

Maybe you have to get a little smaller

Erick Washington says:

New breakdown chart at the end. I like it.

Gnel Cagulada says:

You guys are fcking inconsistent!

Jackie Lam says:

Can you break down what your ratings are because even when you say something is trash you give it a 5 and when it’s not that good you give it a 7 or 8, so what is a 3 or 1 in your books

Adrian Palmares says:

This shoe is probably for big boys

Solien Alvarez says:

Hi! Can you do a Brandblack Future Legend review? Thanks in advance.

Juan Morals says:

If you have wide or flat feet like I do …. this is the golden shoe for us. its fucking hard to find shoes that arnt for made for little girls feet. great cutting, bounce and fit. get em

Kenn Faderon says:

Is there going to be a crazy light boost 2017??

Yen the smiling dinosaur says:

basic doesn’t equal bad alright? it’s not that bad it just not very good

Tấn Khải Dương says:

Perfromance review Adidas Crazy Team 2017?

Tical Hezzy says:

How can you say adidas started to fall off at the end of the year when they dropped the Harden and Dame 3s… Sammy get your mind right Playa.

Casey Protolipac says:

REVIEW KD 7!!?!?!?

Cubby Nubby says:

You know how to fix heel slippage and toe space

Get the right damn size

Nathan Morales says:

Lmao 2 adidas shoes are bad and they hate adidas now cmon bruh

SanFranFan30 says:

WTF is your scoring system

priscilla key says:

get better with your scale system bad should not be a 8 or 9 , don’t be scared to dog a shoe out

Cody Pierce says:

These Adidas reviews are ridiculous. I work for the company and some of the stuff you guys say is so full of shit. You don’t come to the table with any facts at all and then you complain about things, then rate shit an 8/10, but then suddenly the end result is “NO don’t buy this it’s a terrible shoe I hate the company because they use the word crazy too much”. Adidas has its’ flaws but damn, ease up.

dhemdapdpx6 says:

you guys really don’t know shit about shoes at all

JoeMalian Special Forces Leader says:

one bad shoe and you start to not like adidas? makes sense

D.ynnus says:

Do the Nike zoom live 2017!!

CJelite says:

I like how you put the misses in too bc it doesn’t make me feel bad

Ishaan Pandya says:

I’ve been waiting for this one

Lebo Yao says:

jordan 11……. copy

patrick sanderson says:

Please Review Adidas Rose Menace 2.0!

Jordon Tiberend says:

how tall r u guys and love the bids keep up the good work

SanFranFan30 says:

I think I have the solution to Sammie’s heel slippage problem get some bigger feet. You got some baby ass sized feet boy.

Rodrigo Molina says:

I had 0 problems with the hyperrev 2016, it actually feets great, maybe its due to the shape of the feet

DashDashIronCA says:

Lmao dkm the ending killed me

J.E.L. Oliver says:

guys imma big fan of yours because of your video.keep up the good work.

Mohammed Surur says:

Crazy Explosive vs Kyrie 3

Jhony Pable says:

performance review adidas ball 365,,,

Bart Burton says:

So from what I can see and what you guys are saying, these would be decent for someone like me with a size 4e width foot? All adidas shoes fit like garbage for me, never ever wide enough.

Tanah Tramantana says:

Do an adidas vengeful boost reveiw

Pharaoh Gilyard says:

Bro I swear every single adidas shoe that you guys have heel slippage in mines doesn’t. I think both of you have narrow feet lol


I liked the shoe a lot

RedPug says:


gadviel says:

*the names always have the word crazy tall loosing it man but just because of the name* so are you saying that it should be named hustle?

ijna says:

im interested in the longer spring plates since i have flat feet that are skinny i need the support and i dont want to buy a runner like saucony or brooks

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