Adidas CrazyPower TR Shoe Review – Men’s & Women’s

Full written review:

Quite possibly the most hyped up shoe at the moment, are the Adidas Crazy Power TR’s. Right now Adidas has the most popular sneakers and they’re finally putting in a true effort for a functional fitness trainer. While the mens version has all the makings of a serious fitness shoe, the women’s model stumbles a little bit with it’s slightly softer insole. Both are still competent performers, but I have no clue why Adidas would make these changes between the shoes, and name them the same. Anyways, they look cool, perform well, and have the Adidas name. Those factors make the CrazyPowers a solid choice.


Daniel Albert says:

I just keep watching your videos but unfortunately many of these shoes aren’t available here in Brazil, such as all the oly shoes hahahah

Norm Delson says:

Seriously useful review. Just purchased the woman’s 7.5 Crazy Power for the wife who told me she would try them but probably not on lift days (squats, etc) when she will stick with her lifting shoes.

D4Doom says:

Got mine finally and I’m not sure how narrow this dudes feet are, but I consider myself to have narrow feet and they fit me great. very close to how the Metcon 2s fit. imo adidas knocked it outta the park with the TRs. I ended up selling my Nano 6s and will use the $ to get a black and red pair of TRs to go with my black/gum TRs. love these shoes. incredibly stable and comfortable.

D4Doom says:

How does the men’s TR compare width wise to the Metcon 2s or the Nano 5.0? Wider or about the same? The 5.0s were a little too wide for me as were the Metcon 1s, but the 2s were great.

Michael Pietrzak says:

Finally found some 11.5’s and ordered today from Not too bad, free shipping, and 15% off for signing up for their emails. $109 otd

Osama Al-Jaber says:

impressive review as usual. How does the Crazypower compare to all the shoes that you have recently used (Inov-8 325 v2, Metcon 3, & Nano 6.0)? which one do you use more often lately?

فارس الماجد says:

so what would a flat foot guy go with mitcon 3 or crazy power honestly I like how mitcon looks

John Gaskell says:

I notice your right foot collapses (medially) pretty much every time you lift in the women’s version, but not in the men’s version. I would say you should run far, far away from them because they’re not holding you up, Joel! And if you get injured who’s gonna review all this stuff for us? Thanks, bro!!

tachee77910 says:

where can you buy the metcon 4 ? any idea guys

JazzyJandJ says:

I believe that adidas is now making several of their women’s shoes designed specifically for women based on the anatomy and performance. Most athletic footwear is first designed for men and then adapted for women.

888Daniiii says:

how do the male version of these shoes compare to the Metcon 3’s in terms of deadlifting and overhead pressing ?

Emily Badger-Knight says:

At £89.95 in England would you say they are worth the money. I have NoBull, Nanos and Metcons are they worth trying out.

Sam Cruz says:

I got these today and I love them! I love these and my Metcon 3’s. They perform and fit super similar for me. I hate my nano 6’s haha. I guess It’s all preference in the end.

Brian Bravo says:

I get these shoes on monday, I never wore anything but adidas and will not change for rebok or nike.

Uncut Krezzii says:

I am doing mostly lifting. I have weightlifting adidas shoes, but i want something more flat for deadlifts etc. I had crazypowers on my feet and they fit well, but are they actually better for lifting than Nano 7 or 6? My goal is to use it for lifting, so based on what i see Nano 7 are good for that, but what is comparisn with Crazypower?

Michael Pietrzak says:

These things are sold out everywhere. Hopefully Adidas can catch up with production soon. Their FB page is pretty much not monitored so who knows when we’ll get more

Harrison Zambarano '19 says:

Joel, what would you say is your favorite oly shoe? I’m looking to upgrade from my beat up Reebok lifter.

Luety14 Holden says:

How much money are they ( both of them )

Thiago Freitas says:

Nice review. Thinking about buying these for lifting days. By the way, you should try the adidas crazytrain boost also. They’re are awesome ! I believe Adidas stopped making them, but you can still find them at amazon for a pretty good deal.

Panos says:

Nano 7s next?? 😉

gurpymcbonbon says:

Any chance of a New Balance Minimus 40 review?

Scott Jonas says:

I use nano 5.0 now to WOD and love them. In the past I liked adidas because they made a wider shoe. How do these compare and how are they for running and box jumps?

D4Doom says:

where did u get the men’s shoe? I can’t find them in stock anywhere that’s not price gouging.

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