Adidas CrazyPower Weightlifting Shoe Review & Comparisons

Written review:

Sorry for this video being a little longer than the ones I’ve been coming up with recently. There was just a LOT to go over.
I really like these shoes, for whatever their purpose is. According to Adidas, they’re a more serious Powerlift Trainer. Slightly higher 16mm effective heel thats incompressible, wider, more flexible with an awesome fit. The only issue that I have with these shoes is that they cost a little much for what they are. Still, I think they’re awesome shoes and I managed to PR my clean at 300 and backsquat at 405, so to me they’re priceless.


don valle says:

is that a project x shirt?

Angel Rivera says:

Atmosphere while squatting in the beginning… I like this channel even more now lol #hiphop4ever

Simon Iversen says:

Love your videos 😀 Have you thought of doing a test on marc pro / compex / powerdot? 😀 I would love to see a full test on all 3 and to hear your thoughts before i go out and use money on a EMS system (or if it even works for you)

Paul Dangerfield says:

I like the look of these shoes for sure but I don’t think I would enjoy them with oly lifts since I have a massive issue with ankle mobility. Great review as always though man!

Justus Brandt says:

Can you recommend a wider lifting shoe? I heard that the Romaleos 2 are wider, is that true?

Bryce Sheehan says:

Where did you get that hat? It’s dope.

JoeyMc1888 says:

Hi Joel, how would you say these and the Romaleos compare to the Inov-8 fastlift series?

Ben Martinez says:

Do u buy all of these shoes or do u get shit sent to u?

Brian Bravo says:

That is un ugly ass shoe! lol

I have wide foot so those are out of the question. my Romaleo 3s should be here this week and cant wait to use lifters for the first time since starting crossfit and switchin to weightlifting.

Medardo Perez says:

do an episode where you don’t review anythi n g but show us all your collection. that would be super awsome

felipal says:

Thanks for the review! I’ve been waiting for someone to review it before deciding on whether to get it. Its crazy how Adidas has come out with a brand new weightlifting shoe line and there’s like no reviews anywhere to be found online.

Patrick Vuong says:

idk why i trust you, but I just bought a pair after this video. and i found them amazon for 58 bucks

Ramon Suarez says:

Everything you said about price just got blown out of the water. I found these on Amazon for $72! Looks like a steal to me. I just ordered mine.

bambambambamsam X says:

great vid like usual. love how you break it down with real world use

Mohammed Abujennah says:

absolutely brilliant review. i love how you conpared them to all the other weighlifitng shoes you have. so hard to find anything that compares weighlifitng shoes to many others in one video. great work man!!

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