Adidas CrazyTrain Boost Elite Review

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screenshotted says:

it would be cool if you organized some sort of tier system for shoes since you’ve had your feet in pretty much every workout shoes on the market

MrPagedownup says:

bro how about the breathability in this shoes? looks like its my feet going to feel like it in the oven

Bart Burton says:

damn temptng for me, I figured cause im a extremely wide footer i’d have to go with the crazy powers, not sure what to do, great review as always

jtcber says:

Is this shoe suitable to wear for Insanity Max 30?

How would you compare this to the adidas Pure Boost ZG Mesh and Nike Free Trainer 5.0 V6 Amp Training Shoe?

CasaDeGomez says:

Hey Joel. I bought these based on your review and thank you! I made a well informed decision and transitioned from my Metcon 2s to the CrazyTrain Boost Elite. I enjoy your content, well done. – Fullerton, CA

nerzo4878 says:

is it me or does this shoe looks a lot like metcon2 ??

Michael Lauw says:

What size do you wear for your ultra boost 3.0 burgundy pair? Also great review brother

Dennis says:

Thanks for the great review! Is there a chance you’ll also review the women’s crazytrain in men’s size like you did with the crazypower? I prefer the womens for having same vibe as the nano fusion pump with the tongue integrated to the vamp/uppers.

Ben Martinez says:

Thanks like always!!! Keep me coming! Thinking about getting these

Dimitar Mihov says:

Dude, please do review of Rogue WEIGTHLIFTING STAINLES STEEL bar… i want to know him vs Euro Bar for OLY lifts!

Andrew Sanchez says:

Really digging the shoes. In this review you mentioned heel slipped. That raised an eyebrow because that’s my current issue with my metcon 1 when I do prowler work. So I guess my question is, was it an issue every work out or current ones?

D4Doom says:

I have the Adidas Crazypower boost which was Adidas first so called “CrossFit” shoe and it’s great. really wanna try these but they look like they like the midsole is incredibly fat. rather not be “taller” during lifts.

Bjartur Baldursson says:

Are theese shoes wider than the nano 7?

Michael Cabello says:

I am currently using the CrazyPower TR to train with and am trying to decide between the CrazyTrain Elite and Nano 7 Weave / Knit as my next shoe. Joel, do you have any info on the Nano 7 Weave? I just saw a video that Cooptrains posted with him doing an unboxing of them.
In the past I’ve loved my Nano 2s, 4s, 5s, and Speeds (2013 model). I recently got the Nano 6 but the toe box was too tight in my usual size (US 10) and I hardly ever used them and ended up donating them to a friend. I didn’t love or didn’t hate the 2 pairs of Speed TRs or one pair of Reebok CrossFit Sprints I owned. I like the CrazyPower but feel that they’re a little heavy and clunky through the heel. Any advice on what new training shoe to look into next?

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