Adidas Dame 3 Performance Review! (D Lillard 3)

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Retardi Mies says:

brah shoot in the 3 point line free trows are too ez

Will Chen says:

u edit waaaay better than u play fr

king23mhw says:

You’re being misleading to your subs. The midsole is no where near as high as it seems. You actually sit lower than the Lillard 2. Your foot sits into the midsole, kind of like a cup. I was going to make some derogatory remark but forget it. Your ignorance speaks for itself.

kathryn pineyro says:

bruh hes so trash

Jordan Aragones says:

heyy tip keep that intro its nice asf

Eli Pittman says:

intro is dope

Preston Whitaker says:

I keep trying to give y’all chances with performance reviews but I’ve run out of patience…..y’all are amateurs compared to kickgenius, foamer, and nightwing( weartesters)

Stas Sukhanov says:

What is the name of the music?

Carrie Hampel says:

could you do a performance review on the nike air unlimited

It's Hamzie! says:

So I can use this outside? Damn it!

Mike Lee says:

Trick to eliminating heel slip on the Dame 3!: have the laces in their stock config and additionally thread them thru the extra lace eyelets closer to your heel (not instead of, but in addition to).

Also, great review, great new intro, and 100% agreed about this shoe: I was also disappointed by the bulk, weight (especially in the heel!) and sloppy fit. nice cushion though.

Jonathan Suh says:

Do you think they would sell the d lillard 3 in kids or toddlers

Irving Montalvo says:

loosing credibility on the traction department when even the kyries slip

Justin McGrath says:

how tf do u lace them bitches that’s my question

Miles Williams says:

I had those and they were to narrow

Mark Samon says:

are curry 2.5 still in stores

jimbob290 says:

can we see the Dame 3 vs Curry 3?

leonard benjamin bandril says:

actually the real midsole is just about an inch, it’s not the whole midsole that you see outside. I believed they were like “cups” in which it kinda slope down inside.

Habeev07 says:

GOTTA GIVE IT UP to the DAME DOLLA. Lillard is a top 5 pg in the league and best rapper of all-time to play pro ball. His “Bigger than us” is outstanding! “Talk to em” us great too. #RIPCITY

Jam Manaloto says:

Are those good for wide footers??

Garrett Williamson says:

Don is useless, the dude sits back while sammy cops every shoe

Nicholas Lindsay says:

When do they come out for retail

Kresna Pratama says:

Please tell me the intro

2.o Mysterious says:

This intro is what I’ve been waiting for all the time fro you guys… Good job! (do it more often and longer tho)

Mamoonster Tanyo says:

Guys 1 v 1 hoop and life

Robe Liam says:

I bought these today and got a size 10 and that’s usually the size I take everytime I buy basketball shoes. I felt heel slippage and I love my shoes to have a snug fit on my feet. Any tips on how to improve on that? I tried to rearrange the laces to the other loop holes and it kinda helped but I want a better fit.

ELi Irving says:

What’s the Intro song called

Jin Yang says:

+solebrothers do you bite your nails

Springbreak Titties says:

Awful review. Expected more from y’all. Sammy tsk tsk tsk disappointed.

Carl Olloway Jr. says:

Anybody notice that big *clunk* at 9:55 ?

Trendy Sean says:

dame 3s serve me well…they give my legs a break after playing in the hardens a lot. i love both.

The typical dude says:

The CNY colorway is dope for me. It looks ugly at first but the shoe eventually became dope for my eyes.

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