adidas Dame 3 Performance Review

Hey Guys! Here is a performance review on the adidas Dame 3.

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Thanks for watching!!!

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Spencer Lee says:

is it good for outdoor courts?

Czebastian Aqi Mayor says:

I bought the D Lillard 2 because of ur i might as well buy the DL3..again because of ur awesome ,awesome and another awesome regards nightwing2303

Howard Co says:

which is lighter? D2 or D3?

Isaiah Quidilla says:

They’re really fun to play in. I did experience the midfoot pinching though and it feels a bit loose in the ankle. I couldn’t half size down since I have a wide foot. Overall I really like them.

lil,Roze says:

my ocd wants to dislike becuse its at 19 lol

נעם ונטורה says:

I have the Lillard’s 2…i need a new shoe… What you recommend in order 1 to 3 (1 is the best) Lillard 2,lillard 3,harden VOL 1??thanks


There really comfortable!

Deez Nuts says:

How is the breathability on these?

Brian Tran says:

Dame 3 or PG1?

Leonardo Caycho says:

Crazy explosive still number 1?

jezzrael sapigao says:

dame 3, jordan xx9 low, lebron 13, adidad crazy explosive? whats better performance wise

Aloysius Ng says:

can this last outdoors? also curry 2s or dame 3?

Aldrin Mar Jalog says:

that all red is DOPE! I mean HOT DOPE!

LamborghiniMarce says:

I bought these because of your review lol cancelled my order of the Kyrie 3’s. I really enjoy your videos. Thank you for your consistent effort and your candidness. I’m a casual wearer, not a player.

lil buckets says:


Awe Dee.0 says:

we’d like to see you actually ball in em!!!

Luke Aura says:

can i actually play this outdoors? ive heard some other dudes say its bad outdoors but i really wanna know if it is asap because as soon as i get enough money to buy those shoes im heading to the store straight so please is it actually okay to play this shoes outdoors? fyi i mostly play outdoors

Bliitzyfy says:

Hey nightwing great video! I just wanted to ask you a question on which shoe I should get. Harden Vol.1 or Dame 3? I have wide feet and I’ve heard that both are pretty good for wide feet players. Which one is better? Thanks!

QuangNguyenTV says:

I wear size 7.5 Nike shoes and its my TTS (on Nike shoes at least), what should i do with the sizing of these Dame 3s? Some people tell me to go half a size down, is it correct? I have normal feet with normal arches.

Joshua De Villa says:

does it have heel slippage? cuz i solebros said that it had heel slippage. just wanted to hear it from you lol thanks

MambaBoy24 says:

Tell me why i went to Penn square mall to get these but they didn’t have them they just had hardens and d lillard 2s

Bamboo Barlis says:

Hey Nightwing! Bought my own pair, thanks to your review! Keep up the good work! One question though, would these last outdoors? ‘Cause most courts here in the Philippines are outdoors, so I was wondering if these would survive. Thanks!

Lelouch Raijan says:

hi nightwing im a fan of yours from philippines. i just wanted to ask why the text in the insoles of adidas dame 3 here is “wearing the letter 0” but yours is different? i saw it n adidas and titans

aa alfaro says:

hi nightwing. I got the allstarweekend colorway. but the heel counter is pinching my heel everytime i play with it. maybe the padding was so thin on that part. do you have the same problem? will they break in?

uncle drew says:

Nightwing always be exaggerating about the traction, especially for the hyperrev 2016

Anthony Lin says:

hey nightwing, you think the kd 9 is better or the dame 3?

Romeo Samson Jr. says:

Please make a video of The Lights Out colorway of these shoes! Thanks!! God bless you more bruh!

Richard You says:

dame 3 or harden vol 1?

Wesley Odom says:

Picked these up yesterday because of your review. They’re incredible. Thanks!

Peter Tran says:

How would the traction be on outdoor courts?

Lourence Cagalawan says:

Are these good outdoors?

Courtney Williams says:

These or the Hardens? Which would you choose.

Black Boy says:

Do u prefer the 2s or the 3s?

Romeo Samson Jr. says:

Which one is better? Dame3 or HardenVol.1? In terms of PERFORMANCE. I think design wise, they both look good. Love the Adidas tho. Bought the Lillard2 coz of your reviews. Thank you!

kain seviers says:

Does the mid of this shoe narrower than usual set up?

aa alfaro says:

I also experienced the pinching on my first try wearing the shoe in a basketball game. It really hurts my feet like when I first wore my soldier9. I had to adjust the laces one level up.

Cj Garcia says:

Hi NW, I just got mine. I thought they were true to size but when I fitted mine it was waaaayyy too long. On the dame 2 I was TTS. went half down on the Dame 3 & it fit perfect even the width. Great review as always!

Focus Gaming says:

omg this was 1 year ago

james paul go says:

nightwing can you teach us the best lacing in dame 3?

Rasetsu Bass says:

is this good for wide footers like me???

EdDude says:

why do u call that lace tech a napkin?

Adrian Ty says:

For Christ sakes nightwing start wearing some long socks, thats a technical foul.

Dominick Haynes says:

Can you elaborate the lacing system/how to actually lace it. I feel like my heel isn’t fully secured and I don’t really know how I would fix that on these. Thanks!

R. R. O. says:

what size shoes your wear?

Chavanun Siphomsay says:

When nightwing says to wipe, does he means just hand wipe or with a towel? Any shoe that he said has good traction it suck with the dusty court I play and the court even has bird shit

champagne papi says:

This dude bought some shoes but couldn’t afford socks

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