adidas Daniel Arsham Futurecraft 4D Unboxing + Review [Hidden Details]

Artist Daniel Arsham is known for his retro-futuristic stylings and tonal aesthetic. He’s brought both of those onto his special adidas Futurecraft 4D collaboration, which features a striking design

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TenTroXx says:

Video starts and instant sellout, i hate youtube

RARAFROM 410 says:

sub to my channel

hornyandbroke says:

This sneaker sucks IMO

DMR _363 says:

I like them but their to expensive

Jimberlin says:

Never. Open. It.

mrpaunamu says:

i wonder what stock numbers are?

Augustya Sing says:

you are awes0me *) . . . will wait for the KITH one . . . thanks . . . very hard to get in InDia . . . on retails outletS . . .

Dominik Gruber says:

Does it fit like yeezy or like nmd ?

Derrick Higgins says:

Anyone know what time these drop on Adidas?

Nor Vincent Balba says:

Trypophobia anyone??

TheBigburger 78 says:

Zoom fly off white triplé black please

Soulx CrusherX says:

What time do these drop on the adidas store for ET

Fernando Figueira says:


BreadedChicken says:

bruh cleaning them is gonna be aids

Ethien Eduardo Rivera Pereda says:

The best sneaker Adidas 2018

The Moon Babies says:

How many goats did you guys have to sacrifice to suddenly start getting all these early exclusives from Adidas?

Ryan Pierce says:

He has tiny hands

Lucas Benzema says:

What is 4d technologies ?

Gray Fox says:

ooops don’t drop some jizz on it..

EDS kicks says:

These are a must cop!

Ivan Sannino says:

absolutely amazing pair!

Brad Akin says:

What about the sizing???

PalleLemus says:

Lemme get my first W! I’m just a little screwed if I win 2 raffles. My wallet will hunt me down. But let’s be honest, it’s an L coming my way…

sad lad says:

I like how phat the ass is

Ro Mal says:

Straight up! Nothing exciting about this 4D shoe, like I don’t see it…..nothing hits my like you that’s fresh, like the element 87…that gave me a feeling like yo “what are those” it had a look and attitude, these don’t get me like that….

Doe John says:


roccorostagno says:

They are nice but the colorway is ugly

Juan Gallardo says:

I have been waiting for this unboxing !!! I can’t wait to get mine

EAL L says:

ill buy the fakes

Mohammed Abujennah says:

want to buy uk7.5. Hit me up if anyone is selling this size.

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