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Today I’m reviewing the Adidas Futurecraft 4D Runner! The Futurecraft 4D is one of the first 3D printed sneakers and features a fully 3D printed midsole! The Adidas Futurecraft released in extremely limited numbers due to manufacturing constraints. The 4D features a full primeknit upper and comes in both black and white. Check out my review to learn more!


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Camera & Accessories

Canon 70D Camera:

SIGMA 18-35 f1.8 Art Lens:

32GB SD Card:

128GB SD Card:

Video Tripod:

Sound Equipment

Sony Clip On Mic:

Rode Video Mic:

Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 Interface:

Condenser Mic:


Key Light:

Ring Light:

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Big Benis says:

The skeleton should be color black

Anthony Juaquin Bugante says:

Wait what if u fall in a pool full of pebbles?

Zachary Battles says:

How does the shoe fit in the arch, the alphaedge 4D hurt my arch and caused blisters with it being so small.

TheMrFishnDucks says:

Future never looked so good.

brando amuro says:

oh dang!

Justin Cheah says:

Nice love it

Karl The Hypebeast says:

sike 11

Adam Pandit says:

What’s the name of the background music?


You think the ultra boost atr are more comfortable then these bc i want to get some atr’s


size US 10!!

jason says:

yes Seth thanks for reviewing one of my grails!!

Christian Maxson says:

8.5 US

David C says:

Ur fucked if u step in mud with those

Piya Thongkom says:

They look so much better on feet…..siiiick!!

Mason Parx says:

Have a pair of these myself, and i tell you what!! They are the purchase iv’e made in my 19 years of living

The Sneaker Channel says:

Can Everyone Subscribe to my sneaker channel please

David Montane says:

Sneaker size 9

Lawson Harper says:


Geoffrey Attario says:

You’re doing great, Seth. Keep up!

WhaleManaLagi says:

Adidas wins again.

Xzibit says:

Really appreciated the info on the shoe and 3D printing before the review

Даниил Гончаров says:

Seth flower

Fureddo28 says:

Thanks Seth! I’ve been looking forward to this review. I’m a tech fan, and man this 4D really had my interest sparked (clever hype by adidas too tho’).

IVDV says:

i dont really like it

Bryan Adams says:

Hype at the moment. Liked the feel look and tech. So crazy how it looks and feels on the outside but comfort wise, look towards the ultraboost for ultimate comfort. Ran 4 miles in them and felt decent for shorter runs but longer runs you miss out on the energy back. And can confirm there will be a wider release on these…

FLEA says:

I wanna win pls Seth Fowler

David M. says:

What jeans are those?

Panda Wolf12 says:

Is it just me or do they look like ultraboost


if your foot is to be mapped special for these shoes’ true potential then why get a pair before hand??? Consumers,not reviewers.Reviewers are just doing their job and thank you.but I’m a consumer along with the rest of the 99 percent of people on here..??..

Efe Yaran says:

Seth, Your My Favorite Youtuber

Joshua Chen says:

Woah what happened to your face

Zihao Qing says:

Seth, you’re my favorite YouTuber!

PR0z S0nic says:

One word


Seth Fowler says:

Thanks so much for watching! Don’t forget to enter the $350 StockX giveaway! Also Share the video if you liked it!

David Blake says:

Is the giveaway still happening as of march 26?

Alexander Ström says:

The trypophobia sneaker

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