adidas Harden Vol. 1 | Detailed Look and Review + Event Recap

Hey Guys! Here is a detailed look and review of the upcoming adidas Harden Vol. 1 along with an event recap from the official unveiling in Houston, TX. Thank you to adidas Basketball for allowing cover the unveiling!

Thanks for watching!!!

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paduaowned says:

this shoe is a rip off the Jordan Court Vision 99 and Jordan 2010 Outdoor not to mention the Reebok Answer 8 and Reebok Answer 12…….nothing new Adidas rips all their designs nowadays off Nike and Jordan

Joel Embiid says:

Its not that bad right?

Ken Ken says:

wide foot friendly?

Bounty Ultron H says:

Please do an on foot of these

OreoMusic says:

Song at the end mr. nightwing?

Rathanak says:

those rose gold or copper ones go hard,

King Dee says:

I kinda fuck with these. The brown and the pinks all day

A Bag Of Kale Chips says:

I tried them on for a bit when i was in foot locker but is it me or are they really hard and stiff?

Jeffrey Dai says:

they really look like the tmac 1s

Jeremy Torralba says:

does it fit well for wide footers?

Alex M says:

I don’t like the color way but they look nice

Sports Dogs says:

Looks is everything and that shoe looks great from the front cap back…but the white front looks boring, like bread without butter or a hot dog without condiments. Whoever designed this shoe needs to go to the Sports-Dogs School of Cool Design 101!

Zeedo says:

damn these are nice

King Nebula 83 says:

how do people have them already

Cruz the Rapper says:

sell out

Mathew Shuai says:

do they perform well on outdoors

Michael Silver says:

They might be comfy and good to play in but the color ways are ugly (so far)…maybe some Xmas / ASG joints will switch it up.

dskillzhtown says:

Just bought them today, over the Space Jam XXXI. I loved the way the tongue was part of the actual rest of the shoe. That is what made me get them. The XXXIs are going to sit with all this other stuff coming out, so I’ll get them later.

Samuel Michalzik says:

Im so fkn excited about the performance review…btw are there any Updates about the primeknit CL Boost 16?

Lande Raxial says:

Recommend for a kobe 8 wearer?

Enrick Christiane says:

The white and red one was so dope,awsome vid!


Its sole underneath is a trypophobic’s stuff of nightmares.

Farhan Khan says:

Since the leather toe cap ‘thing’ is genuine leather, would it stretch to accompany my wide feet? My feet are very wide towards the apex.

Derty Waterz says:

Waiting on the Nike Kyrie 3’s but I will get one pair of the Hardens may be the cargo pair

home guava says:

these or the dame 3’s?

ShinyArcanineHere says:

check out my shoe review guys

Nicolas Villegas says:

Will these be available on mi adidas when they drop?

Ernest Watts says:

these are already out i did see these and different color ways at footlocker

Thatsbananas says:

Would these be good for if you stand and run all day at work? I need something that’s comfortable and stylish, I’m definitely not a basketball player.

Le Lenny says:

These are pretty ugly but since the crazy explosive was good maybe this one will be?

Adam Jr says:

Are they good for outdoor usage?

calvin brown says:

Copping first day

Myke Bautista says:

reminds me of the d rose 2.0

kickin it says:

the front reminds me of the TMACS

Julez Rulez says:

Not feeling these at all! Adidas was on a legendary run over the past three years but these are terrible and bland.

Geo ILew says:

dope shoe! I hope New Balance start making basketball shoes again…love the encap tech….

Lil Uzi Vert Is A beast says:

I forgot what the Jordans are called but James Harden riped them off

Martin Belan says:

looks like a kd 6s

Willy Tu Nguyen says:

Lookin delicious

J-T awad says:

Who’s asking for a free pair of shoes? I simply stated that the real “valued/loyal” customer takes a backseat to these reviews. No matter if they purchase 50 pairs etc over the course of 12 months. Right? Cause I mean at least they can look back and say for all the money I spent at least I received “good tech for a good price” lmao cmon man, all while pairs are being sent to the same people that maybe, maybe purchase a couple pairs every year!!! I’m sorry man but that ain’t right. Ps. Social platform > Brand loyalty/Sucker

ByMeCp says:

Just got a pair!!! Man they are soo comfortable! My heels have never been this spoiled and the boost in the forefoot feels like I’m on pillows. Style is versatile enough for street clothes as well! Cop!!!

Jael Llabres says:

where did you get the black and gold version?

Jonathan Pho says:

cant wait to play in these

J-T awad says:

Adidas and the rest of these brands better realize what a “valued” customer means. I see X amount of people who buy nearly every release for these companies, these are the same people being overshadowed when these “free”pairs are being sent out. I’m sorry but I can’t help but laugh when you realize what kind of sucker still shows “loyalty” to a brand like that lmao

Micah Perkins says:

Kd 6 makeover

Trey Stewart says:

Adidas tmac 1s smh

Guillermo Luis Amado Lordemann says:

They look like the D Wades Converse

tony nguyen says:

Will it get hot if you just wear them casually? Especially for school days?

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