Adidas James Harden Vol. 1 Performance Review!

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Spencer Peters says:

I played against a kid today that had on hardens and he came out of the shoe TWICE

Inferno says:

Im not sure if i should get harden 1’s or kyrie 3’s ? Im something between a pg and a sg

GAMINGwithBART says:

whose watching this in the year 2020? it will happen eventually

Sai Tama says:


Alexander Bramastra says:

when the lebron 14 pops out do harden vol 1 vs lebron 14

xXx MR Elite says:

What do they mean by “wipe”

Kadyn Geddes says:

Is outdoor use recommended

iiiAllie_ says:

So i have the Harden vol 1 grayvy colorway and it has amazing grip and fits pretty nice. But i have a lot of heel slippage especially in the inner heel part. Is this a problem for anyone else or just me?

Christusolus says:

Hey, I love that you do a squeak test. It’s one of those things I need to know as well. And you’re absolutely right, squeak totally indicates what type of traction!

Brian Sanabria says:

Should I stay true to size or go half a size up?

SlayerDeathA SlayerDeathA says:

the traction pattern gives my tribophobia.

FriZZT Reaper says:

how would the harden 1 vol traction do outdoors

Nichols Kicks says:

Should I get dame 3 or harden 1

Zac says:

Dude that pro ian knot

SuperDanielDJ says:

Would these shoes be alright on a forward? Or is there too little support?

Jordan St. John says:

Can you use these outside?

Miguel Aglipay says:

They shouldn’t change the Harden 1, it’s fucking perfect

shadow gamer says:

Should i get these or the Kobe 11 EM?

Blue Iced says:

I play for a jr high team.

Matthew potter says:

I’m 12 and I ware size 8 wtf

Killian Ross says:

how would these do outdoor

Tyler Hatch says:

bro, you must weigh 100 pounds or something, cuz I feel the boost a ton.

Jerick Lamagna says:

Would this be good for a big guy?

Caped Baldy says:

What should i cop? Harden Vol.1, Kyrie 3, KD9, or anything else? I always play outdoors tho.

Arjun Rajaram says:

Are the solid rubber versions good for outdoors?

KardosKicks says:

I did a harden vol 1 performance test on the xeno (all black colorway) if anyone wants to check it! This CW has diff materials so I recommend peeping my review for a second opinion.

Sicow Pigmen says:

dang i got a 7 and i wear a 7

Joaquin 93 says:

Harden 1 vs Lillard 2

jeric barredo says:

So if somebody wears an 11.5 on Kyrie 2s, what size would it be on the volume 1s?

Peyton Morse says:

Just copped the blackouts today

김현승 says:

Traction Test-2:13

Elmer Chen says:

is it good for outdoor use? or should i get the white one with common rubber? plz

my gaming says:

Will it be durable outdoors???

Jason Bowman says:

how the tracks and feels when James are you volume one it’s not $200 million she’ll lose $140 shoe you guys give me one for free I’m 9 1/2

Maximilien Robespierre says:

How is it outdoors?

vader12337 says:

Dopppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Intro

Alan LaQuin says:

His shoes reminds me of Gil zero

Blue Iced says:

I play for a jr high team. I usually play small forward or power forward. I really want to wear hardens. Can I still post up in them? I want a shoe that I can play both positions in. Please help.

K T says:

these guys need to show, dunking films

Maria Cardenas says:

What I’m size like 9.5 so what size should I get

XiangZhe Li says:

Is the rubber hard or soft?

John Manuel says:

can you use it outdoor?

luca sucks says:

are these better as a sneaker or for actually playing in?

leonardo russel says:

HARDEN VOL 1 is good in Dusty court? dusty woodtiles? ANSWER ME PLEASE

Luciano Manrique Solano says:

im going to get those half size down. has sb already got it like that?? cause i dont want to risk it cause im not from the us and im buying it online

Forest Plourde-Cole says:

Wait this whole time I was thinking don look like the dude from hyper crush. Turns out he is the dude from hyper crush. I’m an idiot. Why is he doing shoe reviews on YouTube.

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