Adidas Mad Bounce Performance Review! Budget Harden??

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Pujan Shahi says:

There is already a budget harden. Can you review the harden b/e

Shaurya K says:

NICE SHOE!! FInally! a shoe that preforms well that fits my budget! (105 USD)

A Very Sexy Camel says:

Damn yall really step up the production of the vids

Djdoghead says:

I love this intro, it’s so sexy

Chun Hang Kwok says:

i dont call $100 very cheap

Pernection says:

I must have the previous model I bought for 34 bucks.

1301407gl says:

I never have a problem with stable frames

Richard Wynn says:

Dope intro…

Eric Powell says:

Ok, why does dust always pops up in the review lol. Like really? What shoes DOESN’T pick up or fight against dust? Of course you’re going to slip with dust in on the shoe. What you expect? Play in metal spiked cleets then lol. Im not trying to be mean or debate but Im just tired of hearing dust pick up come up in the conversation. I be convinced on getting the shoe until The Sole Brothers bring up DUST pick up. And that sucks. If you understand what Im saying LIKE this comment. If not, just keep scrolling. I won’t reply to nonsense.

Jun xerxes Ronquillo says:

Ohh my gahd!lit video!and intro

Paul von Hindenburg says:

Nice intro 🙂

Eric Powell says:

SN, NBA players even slip on CLEAN courts so I mean and they’re PRO. Dust should be left out the reviews lol. Whats “wrong” with wiping? just wipe and continue playing. It’s not like ppl watching this is in the NBA having to WIPE over n over in between plays lmao. Don’t get mad cause I’m speaking facts either lol . .

Yohanne DaGoat says:


Jacob Barcelo says:

Mad bounce vs light em up 2

Figueroa reptiles says:

Saucy intro

alex osti says:

Crazy explosive
Not explosion

Nico's Life says:


Savage Life says:

What are your favorites basketball teams?

Rein Juntereal says:


Ethan Glenn says:

Love the new intro

Nicholas Bradley says:

Get a new gym so we can get a accurate traction review

NuClear LUCkyy says:

Kyrie 3+discount harden= adidas mad bounce

Pao R says:

Nice intro! Dope!

Jeffrey Y says:


Tung Dang says:

The shank is called Energy Plate btw.

MrThemorningsun says:

would u guys recommend these or crazy explosive lows?

Matias Wodner says:

Just copped these in grey today on the back of your first impressions video. Keep killing it guys!

Yohanne DaGoat says:

When I watch performance review, I only watch the traction test and cushion. I dont about the materials, fit, and other shit

JackSquat Productions says:

my feet are narrow
and they fit fine

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