Adidas N3XT L3V3L Review + Tech Overview!

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Neal Black says:

Be ready for some sweet shoes if Adidas is going laceless. They did it with soccer 3-4 years ago, and the first few weren’t that great, but their newest cleats (Copa 19) are unreal. It will take some time to work out the links but these will eventually be awesome.

Stein619 says:

Maybe you’ll finally learn that being squeaky or not doesn’t determine how good the grip is….

Jacob Tunnison says:

These is wack lol

Daniel McRae says:


Michael Ting says:

I vote to replace don with a clone of sammy

papi_Pablo says:

This is just a soccer cleat but with a basketball traction

rich man says:

This is it♥️♥️

Jinan Khan says:

The lace lesss system has been on their soccer cleats for like 3 years just google the predator 18/19 plus

Paul Millsap says:

Wait I thought this was like the dame 4 concept or something.

Ruiz Rz,enato says:

Protip: when you get a new pair of bball shoes wipe down the bottoms with alcohol. There is usually residue on the soles from the manufacturing process. This will cut down the need to break in the traction considerably.

Simon Gelbard says:

Lightest ever? You ever play in the crazy lights lol?

Billy Figueroa says:

I ordered these and got them last night. Wore them today all day and went to the court with them on. Everyone was asking me about them. Everyone loved them

Regarding the “sock” this material looks like it’s primeknit with a an elastic material under it. I think they will hold up fine. Not sure if the cushion will bottom out but it was comfortable ass hell. I agree that it feels like a mix of boost and bounce and they are LIGHT AS HELL

Regarding the traction, I think it will have to be broken in so Sammy needs to play a good amount to make sure the traction is what it is or if it breaks in better

Hanzo Slayer says:

I like it…hears price point ugh I hate it lol nah I think these are cool but I’ll wait for adidas to make new pairs after considering the feed back from these and see where it goes from there price is still too high

John Wednesday Lapp says:

is sammy the only one who actually tests the shoes anymore? what is don even doing really?


Which is the bounciest

Danimal The Animal says:

So you don’t remember the Crazylight series? Those were consistently 9oz.

Juan Paolo Cordero says:

Marquee boosts!!!! pls!

Christopher Rivera says:

I’m a big guy and by the sounds of it, I think, I’ll just stick to boost /bounce

Michael Garcia says:

Cop a pair as well as it looks good. Would you guys know what the numbers at the back are?

Garrett Beck says:

I feel like Lightstirke is Adidas’ response to Nike’s React foam

bootleg_boye says:

Who else thought the cushion was caged 4d

Mister T says:

I sink that this a the best b-ball performance shoes in 2018, and I want dubai them as soon as possible

MR NB says:

*Sammy* must be the worst sneaker reviewer on YouTube,he repeats same sentences multiple times and changes minds during the review

Ингеборга Дапкунайте says:

Cut them please. We wonna see what the cusion is inside

Christopher Zieske says:

Not the lightest ever, but after the og adizero I could agree.

BruhitbeLondon says:

Marquee boost?

Andrew Dawson says:

Pretty sure that the BYW X is part of adidas’ Originals program. That’s why it doesn’t show up in the basketball section of their site.

SuperAmazingAnt says:

Light, and seems cool, but no good way to put them tight, gtfo.

Nyle Omar says:

It definitely looks futuristic for on court, not quite to the level Foams looked in the late 90’s but nice. I very much anticipate these performance wise

Milo Childs says:

and these these shoes are lit

Gary Brisco says:

Those look fresh to death!! Can’t wait until they drop again!

Marcos Micolta says:

Adidas put achilles coushion in the Harden Vol. 2

Lou Loop says:

is the insole non removable?

IRON59 _ says:

Marquee Boost or This? Which ones better?

David Raak says:

Byw is based off a basketball shoe it isn’t actually a basketball shoe

Angel Alejandro Bernal Arevalo says:

I think an all black upper culd be better for aesthetics!

Steve Coogan says:

Next level disgusting…jeezuz rather wear cement shoes than those hideous looking boots.

Jf Ozorak says:


MG_Anon says:

Adidas never puts the cushion where it matters. Real hoopers are rarely ever on their heels, but the ball of your foot for sure.

maximus best says:

How much is That?

Mason Fike says:

Those would be dope off court

Adnan604 says:

Could you guys start actually posting some fckin clips of you guys playing basketball so we know your reviews aren’t bullshit, how hard can it be, just put a camera on the floor or something

garett ridler says:

Not really feeling these. The yellow colorway is even worse looking.

Luke Kevin says:

how’s the lockdown

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