Adidas NEXT LEVEL (N3XT L3V3L) Review & On Feet

Today I’m reviewing the new Adidas N3XT L3V3L Basketball Sneaker! The Adidas N3XT L3V3L or Next Level is one of the first laceless performance basketball sneakers to hit the market. the Adidas N3xtL3v3l has a very futuristic look due to its sock like prime knit upper and Light Strike Foam midsole. Check out the review to learn more!

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Mexican American goon from Chiraq _ says:

always go 1/2 size up this nigga has small feet that’s why he always says tts

Račko Uroš Pfaifar says:

You’re a sneaker youtube Chanel you should know the details of the sneaker an realeses and shit like this fucking Google it

Simon says:

love the silhouette but it doesn’t look like a finished product at all

The Starr Life says:

This isn’t a basketball sneaker…this is a jedi sneaker

Pajasen89 says:

1:56 it’s as if they are smiling or something. I like them

Jelly Fish says:

yes pls do a performance review

Al Gourrier says:

Excellent shoe. Width availability makes the fit very comfortable. I have bought this shoe 4 times.…To B u y s 9 . C o m


Whats the first song?

Daniel says:

They look pretty cool on feet imo, but it’s not something I could pull off.

Alex Gubar says:

Performance review would be sick

Amir Syukree says:

Yoo adidas legit copying the nike soccer phantom line

黄辰扬 says:

nike hyperdunk adidas version

niko enciso says:

Ultrafakeable kicks at it again guys sold fake 11s

MikeM says:

What’s a performance review? Like how fast you can run in them????

James Clayton says:

The back of the shoe is a bit weird but i might try these out, interested in if they perfecto well. They look pretty dope in general.

Flex Rogers says:

Def interested to see how these handle if you hoop in em

James Clayton says:

Adidas NMD CS2 on steroids.

Dejf Krmela says:

I love them <3 Great review like always of course ^^

Fureddo28 says:

They’re FIRE!!!!
I’m definitely looking forward to your comprehensive performance review! ; p

Andiez Nutz says:

I want those bruh

Cobain Gonzales says:


Račko Uroš Pfaifar says:

You’re a sneaker youtube Chanel you should know the details of the sneaker an realeses and shit like this fucking Google it

Vijayant Sandhu says:

looks shit and cheap

Simon Wang says:

Does anyone notice Seth is always wearing Palace? Can we get a close look at your Palace collection Seth?

Dany Dwar says:

A sock with sole; typical of adidas. FAIL!!!!!

Inner Sole says:

Reminds me of the Mags a little, the futuristic design.

den says:

quiet good looking I think

Black Guy says:

I would prefer these as a low sneaker

geeky girl 25 says:

I literally checked this video out to see what sneaker Culture is all about. I guess I just never cared much. Cool shoe tho.

Eric Smith says:

Kinda gives a Y-3 hit

Read Spencer says:

What’s with all the futuristic basketball shoes with this and the new Jordans it’s crazy. It’s also weird that converse and superstars were performance basketball shoes that are now just casual, like will these futuristic basketball shoes be the future’s casual shoe?

Pie Lover says:

Performance review plz!

Iffan Farhan Abdul Razak says:

That is sick looking shoes…

Mantar Singh says:

This is what Darth Vader wears when he has to play basketball

craryian says:

Cushion is called Lightstrike. It ‘s a new foam from adidas

Faset says:

**Next release**
Adidas shoes with tongue that gets to your nuts.

Kareem Wilson says:

Looking forward to seeing crazy colourways.

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