adidas NEXT LEVEL Performance Review

Hey Guys! Here is our detailed performance review on the adidas NEXT LEVEL (N3XT L3V3L).

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Stan Yiu says:

What’s the hoodie you are wearing Chris. The design is awesome!

Money Makin Rich says:

Nike need to make something like these

Karlo Rajnović says:

Its 23:40, I get up at 5, worth it

jr_lyon says:

Harden 4 will have LIGHTSTRIKE cushion

klozher38 says:

Have you ever worn a Chelsea boot (casual dress shoe / boot) is the shoe similar to that- those are lace less and comfortable from a fit perspective

Zul Hairi Samsudin says:

Imagine kangaroo leather on top of laceless knit..

Andiez Nutz says:

I need these size 9

Nani says:

I find it funny how he does his socks like steph. Not that nightwing doesnt like nike.

Henry says:

LOL pizza hut logo

Jhendridge Tuazon says:

What’s the background song?

John Heron says:

So your telling me that even with no laces your foot isn’t sliding side to side or forward and back? ( I’ve tried zip up lace less alpha bounce shoes for running and had to return them because of the terrible lockdown and fit).

Qiuye Li says:

When Nike launched solder 9 and 10 I know those laces and straps actually can be removed. The only problem is 1 easy entry and 2 durabilities. Soldier 9 was so nice and snug at first but eventually lost that tightness.

Jaylen Do says:

Adidas is like the Samsung of sneakers, and I love it.

Taylan Aplar says:

Is light strike better than cushlon?

Theone Willis says:

Who’s chris? And wheres nightwing2303?

Larrell Hill says:

Seem like these shoes work like a old Chinese finger trap

Ian Pollard says:

Could you get an ankle brace in this?

Wilth says:

Adidas has been doing this for a few years now with their soccer/football line and that’s on a shoe that’s striking the ball head on causing more wear and tear but in terms of durability they’ve kept together so don’t be afraid of this new technology! Try it out people

Guilherme da Silva Pereira says:

My next shoe

J.T. says:

offtopic but how would you compare the zo2.19s ankle support to the kyrie 4s? better than or worse than or just as good?

61JZ says:


DSly3 says:

This shoe looks so awesome to play in. But I’m just wondering what this song in the background is

alfred wong says:

Wheres the wow7 performance review:((((((

Future Baskets says:

What shoes are good for outdoor concrete/roads/street ball basketball

robert mccormick says:

That’s cool that it worls

Caroline Hafner says:

Why no more “this is nightwing2303”? Still the #1 bball shoe review channel though!! Chris your info is really helpful especially for ppl here in Australia where we pay more or have to import shoes with limited international returns policy so your reviews help a great deal to pick the right shoe and right sizing ♡

Kristian Damian says:

It’s a interesting shoe, but for aesthetic reasons Adidas must lunch a low top version

Christopher Caldwell says:

It’s a 3D printed midsole

Chris S says:

N3xt l3v3l or harden 3?

Daniel Gonzales says:

Things are hideous

Scrappy 895 says:

Best believe I’m gonna cop a pair once they get hit with a discount

Lowe De Silva says:

Waiting for the Fastpass guys to cut these in half and also the Nike Adapt BB

Alexander James says:

Awww man Pizza hut gonna be hurt cause Adidas used there symbol on the shoe lmao

Higher-self says:

I know they sold out fast.. end of February I’m hoping to get them then! Your reviews and performance reviews are gold, and always entertaining!

Nightcore Is My Life says:

WearTesters Hopefully Adidas releases N3XT L3V3L Low or N3XT L3V3L 2 in the future

Devahn says:

im in the litty committee ur n the shitty committee oh yea oh yea yea oh yea yea

sam rb says:

“Hey guys it’s Chris from Weartesters”

Who is this Chris from Weartesters and what has he done with Nightwing???

pieck panikabutr says:

I love it

Marko Isip says:

Being someone who’s been through so many ankle injuries, these things give me anxiety by looking and seeing myself playing in it.

First Name Last Name says:

I’m lovin it when I use these for volleyball,

Fastbreaker117 says:

Ok this isn’t funny anymore, who is Chris?

Ananmay k1 says:

Hey everyone
I have a birthday coming up and want to buy a pair of shoes
I always play outdoors
My two options are the Kyrie 5 Id with xdr rubber or Kobe 1
If you have any other ideas please tell me as soon as possible

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