adidas NEXT LEVEL Review

adidas NEXT LEVEL Review

Hey Guys! Here is a detailed look along with our initial thoughts on the adidas NEXT LEVEL.

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KickYoAsses1 says:

What??? U have never seen a pair of laceless shoes before??? Oh wait, let me check the posted date. Maybe this vid is super old.

metallika putra says:

I have seen one of adidas designer, Nick Daiber, posted it on his IG page. He might be involved in this project. But who knows.

Wan Asyraf says:

“Not for outdoor hooper”writen on it

Au Jun says:

This shoes look like a hospital boots.

rubio2001 says:

Thought the BIGFOOT pizza was from Little Cesar’s

Thomas Hort says:

reminds me of the adidas soccer boot which didn’t have laces (all primeknit just like this). the purpose there was so you had a huge surface to kick the ball with, idk what the purpose here is have to say.

Monnie Chaos says:

I’m getting some! They look comfy


Dope shoe

Владимир Горошков says:

Много мата. отписываюсь

jeromeislegend 05 says:

Sooo flat. Definitely Not a cop

Jf Ozorak says:

why???? the adidas laceless cleats dont perform nearly as well as the laced counterparts, why make the same mistake for basketball

ErickD1XD says:

Tbh, probably one of the only adidas bball shoes id wear off the court. Liked the review, cant wait for the performance.

Varian David says:

All cheese All day!!!!!! I can do without the crust…unless it’s filled with cheese too!! LOL!! Also…yes…bold is an understatement for those shoes.I can’t unsee the pizza hut logo now.

SKULL Media says:

Unboxing the beast… watch adidas adh3131 unboxing

krion of Laguna says:

Oh god more injuries to come with this uglly shoes.

Kevin Duffy says:

Great video as always, $180 for these is insane… This hype era is here, now it just needs to go away. For good.

Lizo Joseph says:

Adidas football has 4 models of laceless boots

Theo Witte says:

In soccer they started using laceless stuff in the early 2000…
Today a lot of the very well doing shoes in soccer are laceless and people pay more money to not have laces… Maybe Adidas is trying to do the same thing wuth basketball.

jeremy briggs says:

Damn if I wanted to hear some guy argue with his annoying girlfriend I’d go to bed bath and beyond on a saturday jeez.

Lawrenz Cager says:

Does it become loose if you use it often like often playing bball using that?

afroduck9 says:

Who’s the lady behind the camera?

Iann Domingo says:

Nightwing is my inspiration regarding shoe reviews since I first use the youtube 😀 SALUTE!!!! really honest reviews.
WELLLLL I THINK IT WILL WORK!! 🙂 At first I saw the concept for this shoe I was naaahhh it will loosen in time for sure and adidas might trippin, but futuristic look at the same time performance shoe is the new thing for Adidas, some Signature models might be outdated but for sure 3 Stripes will kill it again in shoe game >:)

Wayne Munta-Wakil says:

Well they are weaved with strings, so that’s something.

Jintao Xu says:

no crust? really?

Brandon Stokes says:

Adidas shipping is a crap shoot. It took a month for them to send me some crazylight boost……stupid

Josh Thomson says:


Suave Bswif says:

U talk wit ya chick 2 much on camera.. Ya tangent be on another level..I keep skipping ahead

fly mike says:

They should work. The laceless soccer shoes work.

Brian Johnson says:

I see you Nightwing, #NoCrust haha

Angel Garcia Jr says:

Hey Chris, 2nd time i post this 1st time it didn’t take for some reason. But yes i agree, these just f**k with my mind, i don’t know if I’d get over that mental barrier at first to 100% completed trust this shoe.

Here’s my thing, if this kick fails, somebody @Adidas is getting fired and the hoop game goes on.

But what if it works, what if fit, containment and support are all on point to go along with that promising looking traction? Doe this just start a new competition among sneaker companies or does this completely change the game?

I live Adidas and have rocked them when nobody cared for them, we’ve all seen them change the game once already with #Boost, are they about to do it again?

adict3 says:

Crazy Explosive 2017 minus laces = N3XT L3V3L

Lil Gamer says:

Performance review

Raman Deep Singh Pall says:

They did this for soccer first.

Tyler Fisherman says:

they look like a pair of brand black shoes! anyone else??

The Frog says:

Need a playground test quiiiick !

Jared Villa says:

That happened to me too I was waiting for a long for my package but it’s probably because of black Friday

Pensive Ruin says:

I’d love to have these for casual wear they look like they would be good in joggers and jeans.

Alessandro Donadeo says:

I ‘m not really confident about this tech idea…
Fashion shoes only??

Justin Roberts says:

This review was hilarious lol good luck during the performance review

executive producer keyioc wolf says:

No shoe strings in’em I did not win’em bought’em off the Ave wit the black strings in’em!

mediacenter man says:

Quite possibly the ugliest shoe this year. You don’t kick in basketball, so removing the laces is ridiculous, leave that shit for soccer and give me laces!!!

Lawrenz Cager says:

Hahahahaaha pizza hut logo hahahahaa!

Mukesh Sagrawat says:

Adidas kaAdress kha par hai

Ricky Law says:

could be NMD CS3

Thanatos1521 says:

“I had to have mrs. wing help because I couldn’t get it off”
Always ask for help from, and only from, the Mrs. when you can’t get it off.
That, right here, is the best advice for a healthy relationship 😉
In all seriousness Mr. Nightwing, I love your reviews, reading/watching them it’s the first thing i do before buying a basketball shoe.

Troy W says:

Zach LaVine wore these yesterday vs OKC

Payton Ford says:

Adidas has been coming out with laceless soccer boots for the last 2 or 3 years, so it is not super surprising they went the laceless direction with the basketball line as well.

David Garcia says:

When can we see the face of Mrs. Wing?

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