Adidas NMD R1 Women’s UNBOXING and REVIEW | Raw Pink & Talc Colourways


Hi everyone! What an exciting and expensive review I have! haha, a few weeks ago I managed to snag the Adidas NMD R1 in Raw Pink and Talc. It was a crazy experience, and I was so surprised to see the shoes sell out in less than a minute online. Now, I unbox them and share them with you guys. Which one do you prefer?


Nameless Warning – Palette Swap [ArgoFox] –

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Dana Jordan says:

I bought the nmd r1 shoes at, they are good.

Marlee Irwin says:

A d ëe dis

Aaron D says:

The reason why they’re called colorways instead of colors is because as nouns the difference between color and colorway is that color is (uncountable) the spectral composition of visible light while colorway is (arts) the scheme of two or more colors in which a design is available.

Sfyffe says:

It’s ah•dee•das

Erika Meneses says:

Where did you get the adidas nmd?

Mycx Ace says:

hi are the shoes are replica? and where do you get them? pls reply

Frances Maravilla says:

your so pretty omgg

Ja Ja says:

Where can you possibly find those colors? I’m in love and i really want them . I’m a bit late tho

pabebe 2015 says:

what is the color of yer contact lense

Alondra Rogel says:


Vlox Media says:

Everyone please Subscribe to my channel I made a review on the NMDs here:

Taylor Bridget says:

I really want a pair but I’m debating between 2 colors (that were in the vid) what should I get??

mia says:

it’s adeedas 🙂

Candace Perry says:

wtf how do you not know how to say adidas…the faq do you live under a rock

Jacinda Leora says:

the pink one sold out real fast so keep the pink

Sldoalwl Dnd says:


Slayuss says:

Nice vidéo, Check out mine about “NMD shoes)

BeautyByAnnabelle says:

I just got my Vintage White NMD XR1’s with the three way shoelaces

QT HN says:

just purchased the Salmon pink for my girl friend,have been waiting for size 6.5 For a longtime finally it pop up today at stadiumgoods

OVO Bimmy says:

had to dislike because i couldn’t stand to hear u say Adidas

Xxqalaxy Lover says:

Can everyone help recommend me your fav color of NMD I will get one soon but I don’t know what color I will choose…thanks

Lucy Mckeown says:

I say adidas so like adeedas so not the way she says it

Emilyzx - says:

Are NMD’s true to size? Or do ya have to size up/down?

Ryan Feltham says:

I love the talc

Nayesha Williams says:

Were did you get them from

Audreanne Lemieux says:

where do you found these? I want them so much 🙂

Alexander Gonzalez says:

Hi! I was wondering what size I should get my girlfriend? She is a size 7/7.5 in Nike, what size should I get her for this NMD?

x Fiber says:

Them hoes fake

Taylor Bridget says:

my friend says they’re ugly, and shes always bullying people about their shoes. IDGAF about her opinion. I love these and im gonna buy these no matter what she thinks of them 🙂

Thao Huynh says:

where did you buy adidas nmd r1 pink?

gloribel flores says:

Did u go a size down on the sneakers? im 7.5 just debating because i heard they run big love them both hope you kept them they are hard to find

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