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Today I’m reviewing the new Adidas NMD XR1 in the OG colorway!


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Cedric Damien says:

look like Zara Fuagzi Nmd lol

NotClutchK Kt says:

took an L trying to cop sold out in like a min

conor13640 says:

just copped from bait, missed out on the other day.

iedei says:

got a headache watching this video. your bland monotonous voice combined with the terrible patching of clips together is pretty much the recipe for the most annoying review video ever.

gohan408 says:

Great vid, I def prefer the XR1 over PK R1 for the very reason you mentioned about the cage. But honestly comparing to the ultraboost, these aren’t very comfortable.

HaychVlogs says:

this is still sitting at

as for the review bro your the 1st on YouTube. congratulations is in order.

supremeNundftd says:

Got 2 sz 12s for sale for 210 shipped. IG: indianaLouisiana

Dime Slinger says:

I’m confused with the sizing recommendation. The R1 is down .5, but XR1 fits TTS for me. I got both of the new pattern triple black and zebra pairs last month. I tried both sizes too.

Farrel Yudanta says:

in my place resellers sells them for $250, is it worth? or nah

Diaztime says:

this is absolutely poison to me 🙁

aaronstone360 says:

hood beast ads are annoying af

AntiBeintraining says:

they’re looking dope

Ivan Hernandez says:

I got lucky!! Love the sneaker!

Dipo ardnt says:


Whatthahibz says:

I’ll pass

Khaled Jb says:

I saw it in one of the Adidas stores today, and it is not sold out since a week, I won’t tell which store in the US…

Jorge Miranda says:

Is it me or the red on the r1 stands out more?

ElectricShock says:

Need! 🙂

Anti Social Social Club says:

*Hood Beast…*

Angel Garcia Jr. says:

how do you call it an og when the original shoe is not that old?

The Coon says:

Nmd r1 > Nmd xr1

Ng Dick Shen says:

I personally think that XR1 OG looks NICER than the R1 OG!

lululalalo123 says:

If I’m wearing a US11 for R2 and I have a wide foot, what size is recommended for me to get for XR1?

Lucid Dreamer says:

I didn’t see this on the Canadian site. It sucks being here.

InitialXG says:

Will u review the city socks that came out yesterday as well?

James Mendes says:


DoubleD's Sneaks says:

I can’t get myself to like the Xr1 model idk why

Corky_Butcher says:

Managed to get a pair of these and the R1 PK black/gum. Hyped to get get both.

wikedwun says:

This colorway was not needed on an XR1..

PyroGT says:

I’m sure you get this a lot but I love your reviews

Ben Kass says:

for me tts is perfect and my friend tried them on instore an his true size(12) was to small he had to go .5 size up

rudi anto says:

R2 is way way much better, the boost got boosted way way more comfy, never liked the XR anyway

Ivan Garcia says:

the blue plug was the reason i didn’t cop those NMD

James Lin says:

Different opinion here, NMD XR1 >>> NMD R1. Both comfort-wise and aesthetics-wise.

PancakeMixLover says:

Xr1s look weird on big feet

Dillion Gaming says:

Best shoe reviewer ever!

Christian Gapuz says:

It makes me sad what happened to the NMDs

TheLeeJinki says:

am I the only one who loves this

Bj s says:

“And with all that being said”

DCTV 29 says:

Anyone else think these look like fake nmds? Like ones from zara or something?

Captain Cocoa Puffs says:

When I saw these sell out, and the PK R1 glitch remake sit, I lost all faith in the world. These are awful

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