Today I’m reviewing the brand new Adidas Pure Boost 2017 and comparing it to the Ultra Boost!


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Claudia Bustos says:

I got my pureboost in a clima tan color

Gilmarie Macalma says:

Bro so half a size down? How big is the space if i get true to size?

Le Anonymous Person says:

Ultraboost or these?

Ben Meyer says:

So these look good in person? I like em

Piggy Island says:

In 2.0 Ultraboosts I’m a 9.5 But I’m a 9 true is it safe to go true to Size ?

SkILLz mAnIaC Football skills says:

More boost doesn’t=more comfort!!!

Schwifty says:

Should I get this colorway or the burgundy one? Hmm.

jaxnitsua1200 says:

champagne gold stitching bro

Moritz Zacharias says:

where did you buy this shoe?

Chingwithswag says:

The insole ruin it for me. Ultra boost for the win.

Ronix says:

The red lump killed that color way for me

Linus Poon says:

If I were to get these, none of the colorways out right now would be good. I think the y3 variation is great, though.

Rob says:

Anyone who says Boosts are the most comfortable shoe obviously haven’t tried Asics Gel Kayano. Those are the true king of comfortable running shoes. Same price as ultra boost, but get more comfort for your money in place of hype.

Shoe Tube says:

I’m saving for theses

what even says:

say if you had not so skinny legs, do they look lime there tight around the ankle?

on88keys says:


Kevin Matthew Ivanson says:

copped the red ones

alexva210 says:

Not hating but at the end of almost every sentence you inflect upwards making it sound like a question. It got pretty irritating and hard to listen to.

Ilikepasta Cheese says:

what is that burgundy ultra boost behind him called

Gabe Wall says:

The shoe doesn’t need an insole. These feel even better than the ultraboosts because there is no insole. When there is no strobel board there is no need for an insole, it would just be redundant.

Kevin Rivas says:

I am not knowledgeable in the shoe game, so I’m wondering if I should return a second pair of the Pure Boost 4.0 LTD in “Triple Black” that I accidently ordered or try to sell them. I have no idea about the rarity of this specific shoe, but I did notice them sell out rather quickly. Any advice?

Nick Weir says:

I want these soooo bad

Phillip c says:

my tpu is getting all scuffed up, and i cant fix it. HELPPPP

Florian .Cordes says:

I got the black and white pair today and they’re super dope. Looks better than the nmds to me and it’s definetely comfier

oh danny says:

If I wear between size 9.5 – 10 (9.5 for snug fit), would getting size 9 be too small? since adidas sizes are all weird

matt lei says:

what is the brand of the pants u were wearing?

Dsole 1217 says:

Drinking game: take a shot every time he says “Ultra boost”.

randomstuff942 says:

On a brannock I am an 8 on my right foot and a 7.5/7.75 on my left. I have narrow feet (C). Should I go with an 8 or 7.5? The only size they had at footlocker near me was an 8.5 and it was very roomy.

Trần Thanh Bảo says:

I ordered it (140$) , let see is it really worth .

Stewart Clanachan says:

can you put an insole in?

Fathom PS4 says:

Is it possible to lace these so it looks like regular lacing?

RJ says:

Hey man, did your pair come with alternate laces? I’ve seen some dope multi-color laces with some pair on IG, but I didn’t get anything with mine.

David Lauw says:

Dude I like your videos but your editing makes it seem like you don’t take a breath the whole time. Stressful AF.

bigjagostu says:

the buzzing sound from music.. really annoy me.. it makes me check my phone..

Stephen Shakeshaft says:

Got the black/white today, very comfortable, look amazing, no regrets!

Erik Fernandez says:

This was obviously sponsered, but man gotta make his money.

Jeremiah Tampoya says:

Great vid, keep up the dope content. After trying on both TTS and half size down, I also prefer going TTS. TTS was just slightly longer than what I’m used to but my toes smashed against the front of the shoe when walking in half size down. Can’t wait to go running in these.

Jaime Wang says:

I have one for sale! Black/Burgundy 10.5 mens!!! message me!!

Piolin180 says:

Just got these shoes. They are dope. A tiny bit less comfortable than the ultra boost, way more comfortable than nmd. I actually like these pureboosts better than the ultraboosts. They just look better imo. (its probably because Im not a fan of the cage) Also, I have a question, if anyone knows anything about this. On my shoes the heal counters, stitching, and insole are all black. I bought them at Finish Line, but I havent seen these all black pureboosts anywhere else. Do I have a different model or something?

guk guk says:

Your single review gives more informations than what I saw on like ten other youtube reviewers. Keep up the good work bro!

Elijah VaZ says:

It’s called Pureboost because you get pure boost. That’s why there is not an insole.

Nathan Breiwick says:

I am gonna get these shoes. I am a 7 in Nike, what size should I get in the pure boost?

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