Adidas pure boost running shoe review Almost as good as ultra boost. ultraboost style shoe Perfomance on feet review vs

performance review.


John Brown says:

I thought this dude had more subs at first but then I looked and I was surprised because the video was so high quality and planned out so I think this dude deserves more subs

Tony 3369 says:

Can’t wait got the ultra …. pure should be at my house tomorrow…. can’t wait to see the difference….please like this vid …….

. … this kid is da bomb!

Walter Ritchey says:

How durable is the shoe for running use? Has it held up over time or has the bottom worn d own or knit torn any?

W-_-T says:

NMDs only look cool, the boost midsole is way too hard. Pure boosts blow them out of the water, good thing they are sleeper hits. I love mine, about to pick up another

Jake Stratton says:

great vid!

Jay Cruz says:

Video liked and subscribe. Great video can’t wait to see more

Chase Denton says:

what kind of watch is that Jamison?

I Run says:

Just straight to the review I mean the intro was nice and all but the reason ppl click this is for the review not the intro. Like I said tho I have no problem with the review

Lloyd Carr says:

Can I walk 26.2 miles in them?

Lance Evangelister says:

FINALLY! A video that actually reviews the shoe for what it is meant to do! Thank you! How do you think this would hold up for heavier runners?

tonypham0808 says:

Awesome video mate, you earned yourself a subscriber!!!!!

JamisonStreet says:

you have the same name as me !!!!!!!

Karen Mial says:

Should I go true to size for these? I’m a size 12 UBs/Uncaged UBs (which fit perfect), so should I go size 12 or 11.5?

Thank you!

James Tolentino says:

loved the intro lol

Reagan Oha says:

man ive been waiting for a running review, great content also bro, deserve more subscribers

mtgsavage says:

awesome video!

H.T JR says:

Loved the video, keep going bruh

Slitme says:

where do u buy

Norman Inferrera says:

Did u giveaway the pureboost

cdiddy 03 says:

really liked this video keep up the good work!

T Money says:

Love your channel!

Rmagnusama says:

ake you got sub boo

Franco says:

Probably the best review i’ve seen for this shoe. Thanks

Tony 3369 says:

Dope ass vid! Keep up da grind bro!!

Galaxy 54 says:

liking the videos man nice start to a channel your taking of on a good path for youtube

Brown Mamba says:

liked and comment for giveaway!

Spar Valencia says:

really great content! do more performance reviews on lifestyle shoes!

Tony 3369 says:

Got my pureboost today, I couldn’t be more happy!! The 3.0 ultras are more cushy but these kicks are the future!!! They fit more snug and just look more dope. You have to try both to understand. Btw I put my ultra insoles in the purse and guess what … the purse felt like the ultras. Thanks again bro for putting out this dope ass video. I wouldn’t have bought the pure boost if I hadn’t seen it. I legit like them more than the ultra 3.0..

ioioy says:

Could you please tell me the name of them NMD’s you had. Thanks! Good video 🙂

Ralph Revilla says:

Are these good for running, ive been running on flyknit racers for 8 months now and im looking for altrernativs such as pure boosts and ultra boost. are these any good
?do they fit nice it looks like theyre a bit loose for a running shoes?

Christian Deantuniano says:

Great review

Football Time says:

earned a sub! I like an actual runners standpoint, no just style

Birkes says:

What is the light blue cw?! +Jamieson Michael

Samuel You says:

Nice NMD’s.

Yesaya Handianta says:

imo, the midsole is a bit too wide,
anyway, thanks for reviewing the blue one, jam..

MrMethadrine says:

good luck with that stiches on the collar..

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