adidas PureBOOST 2017 | Detailed Look and Review

Hey Guys! Here is a detailed look and review of the adidas PureBOOST 2017.

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Bennie L Quevedo says:


dominionn09 says:

Why can’t adidas make the sole not stick out the back so much? Looks goofy as hell to me

ronald dadzie says:

Which adidas shoes are those in the background??

JohnstasBACK says:

why doesnt nightwing have 2M subs yet WTFFFFFFF hes the best shoe reviewer and ive seen them all

Eric Villanueva says:

i cop a black colorway and the burrito tongue are awesome and different good innovation, it wraps the foot like a sock when you lace it giving custom fit and support. while the midsole boost material at the forefoot are less giving your foot closer to the ground while at the heel with a large boost giving you a flush and comfy ride either when your running or while walking.

Elijah VaZ says:

Those are dope

teaaquinn says:

Great video about continental rubber-

citraptor _ says:

Adidas should keep releasing the Pure Boost 1 and 2, they looked great, but by the looks of their website they’ve stopped producing them

LiqCharles says:

hey @nightwing2303 how does the fit compare to the tubular shadow knit?

megahyp says:

I just picked these up and love them. I ordered the Shadows but hated the way they felt (cheap and uncomfortable) which was a bummer because I was so pumped to get them. Returned them to finish line and saw these on the shelf. Way more comfortable and they are the exact look I wanted (sport /casual mix) . I did have to go down a half size, which is something I never do with Nike. Overall, I love them.


Them shits is ugly

FoXxRockStar says:

hmm, convenient. LMFAO

Shanko says:

are they prime knit?

ThePinoyMamba says:

they Absolutely Beautiful In Person

Billy Mays says:

the shoe reminds me of the ultra boost the crazy explosive and the new tublier

Chris Lounsbury says:

Am I the only one that doesn’t see them on finishline?

Deshun Kelly says:

definitely copping. im a Track runner and boost + knitted sturdy upper = A1 running shoe. its like an old fashion nike free run but with boost.

Brandon Wu says:

Would you say this is worth it for the price tag? like 200CAD, and the Ultra Boost is 210CAD-230CAD

asg7861 says:

So compared to ultraboost should I go down a size or stay the same ????

Mod Man says:

Nice they look like cheaper ultra boosts

Garrett Losabia says:

What are the white pair of shoes on the left? I’m new to Adidas…

Zarek Graham says:

I really like the tongues in thise

jeezybeezy77 says:

I’m a little disappointed that Adidas got rid of the casual pureboost it was the most comfy in my opinion.

Fernando C G says:

i believe you can put some money, id or your key on the tongue because it looks like a pocket.

shalon rogers says:

look pretty dope… and comfortable as f@@K… lol ill probably cop a couple pairs

$plash6 says:

Nike and Jordan is the same thing

MrMethadrine says:

Go half a size bigger.Just got em today in my size and you have about 5
cm space.If you dont want your toes to touch the end of the shoe while
walking go half bigger.Especially if you are going to use an insole.

tony nguyen says:

Continental or gum?

citraptor _ says:

The knit on these looks too un-blurred, if they put more blurred (if that makes sense?) knit on em I might be interested

Liquid23 says:

I’m trying to find them in men’s but alls I keep finding is pure boost in women’s. smh

Benamikenan770 Kenan says:

waht is the drop ?

EnzoTorrelli says:

YOOOO what’s up w/that blue/black pair of BrandBlacks in the background w/the WearTesters logo on it??? Another collab in the making?

king_ryan_james says:

DEFINITELY down half a size. If not a full size.

fbx03 says:

OG pure boost>>>

Sam Luo says:

This boost tooling is very similar to Yeezy V2s. I compared

deadeye_632 says:

have you ever worn the energy boost 3? im finding some pairs for right at 120 and was wanting a pair. your thoughts on the model?

Ron C says:

As a runner; a wide front running shoe is the way to go. Better traction and eazy on the foot joints.

Niclacoste says:

I just bought the black/burgundy colorway

BradPittStains says:

Feel like the medial side ruins it. Same with the new EQT moulded Boost model where they have ugly stripes.

The medial on the Tubular Shadow is off too. I see a theme here..

John Joshua says:

How is the comfort compared to the previous pure boost?

InZaneKicks says:

Seems to be the general consensus and I agree as well that the tongue is odd.

Lucas Goff says:

Jordan is Nike

Obey Legends says:

Poor man UltraBoost…

JordyHimself1 says:

Youtube unsubbed me from your channel wtf?? I had to research you to find you again

Un Known says:

what about the size it comes bigger or smaller

sabisch truepain says:


Strodog 70 says:

Just copped these today and I went true to size and they fit just fine. The boost on these things feel amazing on foot!

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