Adidas Pure boost DPR running performance review. Not LTD . lighter than the ultraboost or energy boost. is it better than the ultra boost? Running


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Dan Angeles says:

This is a great review! I have the DPRs and love them too! I actually like this upper more than the prime knit. The base is wider than most racing flat style shoes which makes it stable. I’m a real runner, just ran 75 miles this week, all of them in the DPR!

Patrick Papa says:

bruh do you go to UT lol you running all over campus

XBOXtwistZZZ says:

I got these for 75 bucks last pair right in my size haha

Tahir Siddiqh says:

#marybethornah this is first video I saw on your channel while searching information about DPR, loved the video and been a subscriber ever since.

OutcomeAgent says:

Bro – you supinate just like me. (foot angles out before hitting the ground)

Julian says:

Do you prefere this one over the Nike Pegasus 34?

DarkErrorCode says:

gonna get these

Maijie Jiang says:

Would you recommend this shoe for an all rounder.
I want a new shoe for PE class and outside school I do some weight lifting.
I would prob run only max 5-10 KM and on grass.
There are some sales here for it around 70 euros. Thought maybe worth to try.
Because I havent bought really any running shoes.
Except lifestyle Roshe hyper breaths.

John Doe says:

Regular Pureboost are better

Ramses mata says:


FaZe Lockdown says:

#marybethornah Jami is GOAT,JAMI IS GOAT!!!

james lim says:

I am getting the multicolor dpr.. look dope! Good work on the review!

DarkErrorCode says:

white or navy?

THEOR3T!C4L 波形.mp3 says:

So you can’t run on track with these? Sry couldn’t hear exactly what you said.

DeckardWill says:

Hi Jami,

The DPRs seem to divide opinion – they have some great reviews, and some poor ones. I recently purchased a pair, as need something much lighter than my Asics Nimbus 19s for everyday training. They impressed me a lot with their snug fit, with how light and comfortable they are. To be honest I don’t really understand why some folk are saying they aren’t a proper running shoe, but anyway I have managed a couple of PBs in them already.

Also have a pair of the 4%, being saved for race days!

Michael Padilla says:

I bought the DPRs after I watched this review. Not a lot of performance reviews out there. So thanks for this! #MaryBethOrNah

Ivan says:

The negatives are that they are pretty pricey and the boost when dirty looks quite bad

Joe Murray says:

really can’t decide between these or the nike pegasus 34? Both are similar pricing where I live. What would you recommend for running :)? Thanks

AndyJC says:

What’s the song?

Nicholas CHEN says:

On I found it for 50% off, $75, not bad, but they didn’t have it on sale for black or grey, so I bought Green.

DLStudios says:

I got the tan khaki ones for $30 at marshalls

FaZe Lockdown says:

#marynethornah Jami is got,JAMI IS GOAT!!!

My Dudes says:

Should I get the atr for the dpr?

Erick Sanchez says:

Yo, low-key your channel’s been my first choice for both lifestyle and running shoes for a few month’s now, just thought I’d say so! Great review as always. I’ve actually been running in these trainers for a month or so now, and for around 50ish miles per week on both trails and roads, they’ve held up quite nicely so far and are still going strong! So I definitely think that serious runners will appreciate the shoe as well, just wanted to point that out (:

NebNeb _ says:

#MaryBethOrNah Great vidd, you helpped me purchase my first boost sneakker. Thxxx

popitn2nd says:

Awesome review. Actually made me bought one. I’m tying to get to match this shoes with gray running short. Would you mind telling me what short do you have on this video? Seems it is the perfect one to match. Thanks!

Chino Bambino says:

This or the Pegasus 33 in terms of cushioning?

Ahmad Shahid says:


Mervin Wong says:

#MaryBethOrNah this is my favourite review that switch me on to your channel.

aiman syafiq says:

This compared to ultraboost 3.0 . Which do you prefer?

Θάνος says:

True to size?

WLFM. says:

Now I’m thinking of buying this shoes, thanks Jami for the review 🙂

kai lim says:

Which is better pureboost 2017 or the pureboost dpr

gottago tocarowinz says:

Are these good cross country shoes

Richard Chow says:


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