Adidas Samba ADV Skate Shoes Wear Test Review –

Adidas Samba ADV Skate Shoes at Tactics:

The Adidas Samba ADV is a remastered skate ready version of the classic Samba indoor soccer shoe. The Samba ADV is built on a thin, flexible cupsole that will provide great board feel and superior impact protection and comfort. With key features like a removable sock liner and internal tongue stays you can be sure that these shoes will have a comfortable and snug fit from day one.

We got skate team riders David Lobasyuk and Danny Maretz in a pair along with TM Kyle Richner and Tactics warehouse employee Tim McCoy to see how they would skate and hold up. Hear what they had to say about this updated classic and pick yourself up a pair of the all new Samba ADV from Adidas at

Film/Edit: Jordan DeMoss

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Dan G says:

Love Sambas, they’re great every day sneakers to kick around. It doesn’t look like they changed these much at all from the regular Sambas though which explains them blowing out so fast. Should add a thicker midsole or sacrifice the original profile and add a toe cap.

Charlie Reid says:


Irvin Garduno says:

ayyee kyles back

Daisuke Young says:

These joints could surely use a revision if they’re planning on keeping them after all the feedback from the skateboarding community.

Specially on the toe area, that’s one nasty hole for a 70+ dolla skate shoe and all thanks to that poor construction, not even Janoski’s (suede/leather joints obviously, considering this model’s composition) show that much destruction after a month of wear.

Adidas, take notes.

Tim McCoy says:

These shoes were actually really sturdy! All of the Tactics warehouse dudes do a lot of flip tricks, especially while skating back and forth in the warehouse. If you aren’t flicking your board hundreds of times per day, then these shoes will hold up. The sole is extremely durable and supportive. There was some oversight in the design while trying to achieve the classic Samba look, but it still skated well in the two weeks that I had them. I would have preemptively shoe goo’d them when I noticed the stitching starting to go, but for the sake of a true wear test I let them blow out.

Sen Chi says:

some of your riders rip!

Irvin Garduno says:

do the Converse cons crimson next

peewee4star says:

danny and tim fucking rip!!!!

Jay415sf says:

That’s disappointing that I chose to skimp out on the leather connecting through to the midsole and instead stitching it to the toe cap overlay! Regular sambas go all the way down to the midsole. I love sambas so much that I still plan on picking up a few of these!

Austin Hollis says:

And could you please review the vans era 1.5

al says:

420th viewer!

Austin Hollis says:

Could you review the original samba and compare it to these please?

pedropepperoni says:

danny has such a good style

pedropepperoni says:

i feel like adidas just released the samba without it being tested by the team.

Cristian says:

Damn…in two weeks that huge ass hole formed? Not worth the price.

Ra Te Kani says:

I had a pair of the old soccer samba’s like five years ago that i tried to skate but the sole on them was kinda plastic and didn’t flick right at all and shit, but if they’ve changed that sole to something more skate friendly than this would for sure be a dope shoe to skate… maybe my next pair???

Jose Lino says:

Show us how it works after a Month. Showing is such small amount of time does nothing but make most of us who can’t afford shoe after shoe in two weeks or less than just speculate. I’d like to know if they can last a a month or so in the video. Please Tactics!

Johnny Yuhas says:

I Know This Is a Shoe Review But What Should Be My Frist Skateboard Deck…

jamesd654 says:

What’s that thing on Stan’s back?

Joshua Nelson says:

I’ve been skating 33 years, have skated a bunch of different shoes. My take on adidas skate shoes is that they’re the best thing ever for like 2 weeks, you never want to take them off your feet. Then about 3-4 weeks in you can’t keep them on your feet anymore because they’re falling apart. You guys should give a more honest product review and not try to oversell a faulty product. It’s as if you guys were saying “it’s a pretty solid shoe” while showing a picture of a shoe that looked like someone blew up with an m80. That shot at 3:31 tells you everything you need to know about this shoe.

Kick Flippy says:

These reviews are trash

Selena Glomez. says:

Just got my adidas Seely adv cant wait to shred them .

Gil alberto Olivares Medina says:

Athese shoes were made for futboll

Lyle Dumadag says:

“Overall, it’s a pretty solid shoe”

And the shoe looks fucked up

Sometimes, it makes me think, this videos are scripted

Sam Jensen says:

Do snowboard boot wear tests

The Rad Channel says:

Wow these are NOT built to last at all. What gives adidas? I have been skating the Superstar ADV and they are bullet proof, like most other adidas skate shoes I have tried. I want the sambas but not if my foot is going to fall out of a huge hole in the side. That bit of leather should DEFINITELY go all the way to the sole under the suede.

Liana Zima says:

Really good review. Loved how detailed the guys told about the wear and feel and comparisons. It’s nice to have review where the skater say as more than just ‘skates nice outta the box, get yourself a pair!’

crazybiscut says:

pass i wished the t toe was over the leather not connected to it

Max says:

3:04 disappointing

Philip Kim says:


zestyy Domo says:

Sub to my youtube

alan marotta says:

they definitely went straight for the samba looks primarily and left out a lot of skate durablity on this shoe which sucks cuz I was planning to buy them. Hopefully in the near future they will look more into the performance than the classic look

SVilla 415 says:

I was really exited for these but now that I know the durability isn’t the best, I’ll hold off on buying them for my next skate shoe. I literally on do flatground what shoes do you guys recommend?

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