Today I’m reviewing Adidas Sobakov. The Sobakov is inspired by modern soccer culture and features an aggressive yet subtle design. The Adidas Sobakov released last week for $120. Check out my review to learn more!

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Nuu b says:

This ain’t it chief

Marc Bible says:

I wish Adidas would bring back the space age shoe that had the sensors on them called 1 one
Also the kick Reggie Bush was sponsoring…..

Communist Frog says:

Looks like a good boat shoe

Zaki Merali says:

Where is the pureboost vid dw bro sure ur on it

A-Ryan says:

*The all new Adidas Cyka Blyat…*

Andradé says:

I really like aesthetics of these but that’s it

Jacob Harper says:

Should I get black or white ones??

Cheez says:

So does anybody with wide feet have recommendations on sizing for this thing? I usually wear a 11.5 in adidas shoes (for example the PODS) but i have some wider then normal feet and everyone’s recommending going a half size down for these.

xnumb says:

I’ve been waiting for that

MDYT says:

Let’s be honest, Adidas makes some nice looking shoes but unless you spend close to $200 you’re not getting any level of comfort compared to a $60-$80 Nike shoe – Kaishi, Roshe’s etc vs any comparable Adidas (Swift Run for instance) and you find real quick that Adidas falls flat (literally). This is coming from someone who has owned shoes from both brands but has no brand loyalty to either of these companies (although I want to WANT to prefer Adidas shoes). The Sobakov looks sick but after this review I will be passing on them.

twks123 says:

The midsole actually looks a bit like Salmon pieces in sushi bars

Anthony Yau says:

@Seth Fowler, the three stripes are take away from the adidas Predator Precision launched in 2000, and another reissued version in 2017.

CatGaming HD says:


Roland DuSon says:

Yes, but why do the designers think we want to look like diabetic patients? Fat as hell heels and the like. No fam. And I dont want a sock with a a sole basically. With that subtracted from the concept, that hoe clean. Take notes from the Janoskis.

yOuR b0y says:

Seth youre pronouncing A-Dee-Das wrong

William Case says:

Should’ve been leather honestly. If they do either a luxury with that or an encapsulated boost midsole it’s awesome

Netana says:

Look like some Pumas tbh…

Illest Visionz says:

Issa no for me dawg

last of the mohawks says:

One ugly motherfucker…wouldnt wear it even given for free

Mazen Mahari says:

Am definitely getting those

Nick Whaley says:

They really should have made the missile of boost and then caged it with the gum sole, it would’ve been awesome

See Keil says:

the sole looks like harzer cheese

Sofus Starup says:

It look like an old soccer shoe from like 1967

Mambutu O'Malley says:

Adidas should really stop making all their shoes look the same.

JAMZYBHOY1989 says:

These things are HEAVY.

opticthunder says:

The all new adidas “No Russian”

Majin Vegeta says:

Yo Seth Can You Drop The Names of The Pants You Wear in the on feet pieces of the video

Wade Wilson says:

the sole looks really great

Ako Diwbend says:

i’ll design amazing shoes for Adidas if they hire me

Kalle Suhonen says:

why you compare everything to ultraboost

Chris Esco says:

What’s up with the Adidas review lately? Are you being sponsored by them?

HartBreakKickz HBK says:

put some godamn boost adidas jeez dese are actually lit

shaterz504 YT says:

And can u do a comparison of the nmd xr1 and the nmd r2

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