Adidas solar boost solar glide st review energy boost 5.0 ultra boost

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Jolyn Salgado says:

The ENERGY BOOST 4 is killing my midfoot part bcos of your so called soft nylon plastic review, but anyways this review was marvelous, then killer plastic upper cage is gone…


mmarsbarr says:

The editing on this is sick!

Rathanak's Life says:

The Energy Boost 3’s were the best in the energy line IMO and were super slept on. Great impact protection and response from the dual density set up and the engineered mesh they used on those are better than prime knit – super stretchy but form fitting and very well ventilated. Been running in those for 2 years and the shoe has held up no issue except for traction loss

Ray A says:

That guy has a great running form

Spaceman Stan says:

Hey there jami, been loving the reviews so I was gonna ask if you could maybe do a review on the Altra Solstice. It’s been out for a little while and I found it’s on sale on for $67!!!

The Monolith says:

Inb4 made it run hot so they release prime knit version later xd

Gabe Gardner says:

Nice one, Jami. Living in the south like you, I have to take a pass on these foot ovens.

Luiz Felipe Ungericht says:

They are cool, do you know the difference between the tortion system of the AM series and the Solarboost model? On the Solarboost it seems to have “arms” extending to the extremities of the shoe. Does other boost models have that too but in a concealed way? Thanks!

Knight Hood says:

Why do you not do jordan

The Little World says:

I bought this yesterday. Nice shoe very comfortable and responsive….

Mpho Moshe Matheolane says:

I got the shoe but wondering if it’s worth using it for the 90km Comrades Marathon this weekend. I previously used the Supernova Glide 8 for Comrades but Adidas decided to end it, a pity because it was perfect for long runs and ultra races. One positive of the Solarboost is that it offers a bit more cushioning (necessary for a race like Comrades especially since this year is a Down Run) than the Boston 6 which I used for training. Anyway, good review and I am inclined to agree about the breathability aspect, don’t know why they can’t get it right.

Coffeeshake says:

This guy and the girl on your review of the Skechers Ride 7 has the most beautiful running form so far in your channel. You should feature them more often. Cheers!

Nuno Felgueiras says:

Why couldnt they just keep the supernova glide 7, for me its the perfect daily trainer…

Johannes Eickhoff says:

Damn, Chris looks fast … real pleasure to watch him run!

mikes1929 says:

“He enjoys running faster than you”. You don’t know me, son!!!

Chick Finnegan says:

I took this shoe for a 4 mile run today. I liked it. I’m a levitate user, and this will stay in my rotation. I agree, that the ventilation can be better

Ian Williamson says:

Nice Ladybird Lake

Maxyshadow says:

Thanks for the review Jami. I have a foot injury that my Ultra boost ST allows me to run with. So I am ver interested in what the new Solar boost are like.

Jamison Michael says:

Can you give this video a LIKE and Comment. Im trying to break the YouTube Algorithm #MaryBethOrNah

AJ Maldonado says:

these run small im like a 8-8.5 tru size and 9 fit me perfectly

Marian Lyons says:

Thanks for the hot and cold video! (hot shoes / cool video) 🙂

AJ Maldonado says:


Chin xun says:

That long leg man

Marcio Pessoa says:

another very good review. I hear about the heat and that’s is issue. Im still waiting to buy my intermidiate shoe. Maybe will be pagasus 35 cuz is lighter or peg turbo….let´s see! congratz from brazil!

Sam Tonkin says:

Slidin’ in the lamb with the powerrrrrglide

Nishimiya Is waifu says:

Lit review as usual

Zoran Zarić says:

My next running shoe❤

Spar Valencia says:

holy hell. so this really replaces the energy huh? idk. i kinda like the lowkey vibe of the energy boost tbh. this looked too fashion forward than perfomance for me

Kay H says:

You are the king of sneaker reviewers~

josua naiborhu says:

Have already bought it and it is really suitable for me

Anthony K says:

I have the energy boost I guess 4? Likes: stretch Aramis upper…I love a comfy non-restricting upper!
Dislikes: shoe weight and cage, I kinda wish I could make modify it by taking it off, but then it wouldn’t be a running shoe anymore.

Michael Fong says:

Does this beat epic react for long runs (half m and above?)

Seth Fowler says:

Great review man!

LiamEz says:

how fast do u run?

Are we Still doing Phrasing says:

0:23 your uber driver is on its way

Jing Hao Yong says:

How does it compare to the nike pegasus 34 or even 35

gamer pug says:

Do they change colors

Oak Land says:

How would you compare Boost with Asic’s Flytefoam, especially in terms of impact protection?

Campbell Soup says:

Great video! Stop having your arms swing in front of your stomach

Sabita Ghosh says:

Can you please tell me whether the ultra boost all terrain is breathable or not?

mislav loncar says:

This shoe is more stable of Energy boost,but Energy have better boost,speciali last model,this is little softer

Lee Scharich says:


smilezinmotion says:

Please review solarglide st

Slava SS says:

why and what is it? 1st line under the video: “Adidas solar boost solar glide st review energy boost 5.0 ultra boost” why not add then Yeezy, etc to make complete clickbait?-)) this is not ST version anyway..

MrTheJo92 says:

Great review, as always, thanks Jami 🙂

Shoe Science Cleaning says:

Awesome vid

JRZSHR says:

Thanks for the awesome review!

AstynJones123 says:

Solar boosts or Nimbus 20?

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