Adidas Spring Blade Drive Performance Review

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KISA2377 says:

I like design I think its new era of sport shoes design

Holger Mylenberg says:


曾唯庭 says:

Can it improve vertical jump,? I want to dunk on ten feet rim without training

Provalte says:

Tryphophobia warning

Farid Shahverdi says:

Кроссовки — это _средство (для удобного) передвижения_ , а не *роскошь для вы&бона.* (т.е. это для того чтоб бегать, а не чтоб _рисоваться_ своим за”умным” “превосходством”. )

BBAA! EEQ! says:

Van someone Tell me, what one model is this shoes?

MrChad97Z says:

those didnt last too long.. already gone and no fame in 2018

Final screen says:

WTF is this motherfuking shit?

josh arendse says:

am I the only one that prefers adidas over nike

Gabi Cata says:

Hello guys. Can anyone help me by telling me from where can I buy this Adidas shoes? A trustworthy e-store. Thanks.

Jacob Cardwell says:

Where did you get these? I can’t find them on the adidas store?

Craig Bugg says:

ugly ass shoes make me itch just looking at them

CandyHam says:

why do you say hit when you ean logo

Michael Serrano says:

Somebody. Grab him some clippers… his fuckin beard is weird

Jerome Yudiet says:

The problem I see with this shoe is if you accidentally step on shit, you’re gonna carry a lot of it with you coz it’s gonna go in deep..and it’s gonna be pretty hard to clean that shit off this shoe.. this shoe is literally a #noshitshoe

Jason Case says:

Unkike Michael Jordan shoes which just look amazing with no performance benefits this shoe the adidas spring blade shoes not only looks amazing but also has great benefits.Makes running easier, extra boost with the spring blade which you’ll feel, a comfortable fit, you have the unique feeling of being off the ground, and it keeps your feet cool.

Kristian Brandt says:

Will these be banned from basketball leagues?

robin petry says:

Where is the rick?

Anil Goya Pooja says:


Jason Case says:

Looks like a army design for the black and white

Bangus Rice says:

lol you can buy these for 100 now

Yazeed says:

What if you stepped in poop with these in?

Kurumi Tokisaki says:

everytime i wear my Spring Blade my friend says my shoe looks very ridiculous

lee colby says:

Anyone else just come from the top 5 worst show tech vid

Colin Maihofer says:

Do you wear socks with these?

Eric Willis says:

I got the white and grey ones I wish I would have seen these before I got them though

long vu says:

Can i use this Adidas spring blade to play volleybold

nato nato says:

i want buy ?

Remmy Riffs & Slams says:

Ugliest…shoe…EVER. I know that these are made for performance, not style…but damm, I would like to at least not look like an idiot while training.

Aarti sehrawat says:

does they make noise

Bobvv says:

What’s the best running shoe

Craig Bugg says:

these shoes are creepy and ugly looking. the top looks like a zebra and the bottom looks like centipede legs

Ulquiorra Schiffer - The Fourth Arrancar says:

Chave esse tênis hein

Se é loco

Liam says:

“great shoe to work out in” yea try doing squats in those.

Angel Acosta says:

Que mal seria pisar mierda con esas zapatillas !! JAJAJAJ

NutriFIT nutritie si fitnes says:

Shoe sucks if you are a heavy man and it is NOT FOR TRAINING WITH WEIGHTS . When you lift you do not want the shoe to absorb your strength !!!!

David kicker 38 says:

are these better than the Nike shox?

ok says:

how do these fit? i usually wear 10.5/11 what size should i get

Voice of Silence says:

For Dalmatians,Zebras and Holstein Cows 🙂

tecknos africa says:

you’ll have to clean your house twice , because these ugly blades carry goo and dirt

Francisco Vibar says:

why do you have the voice of a young black teen?

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