Adidas Stan Smith Boost Review and On feet

Bought these not only for a review for you guys, but I was genuinely interested to see how well they compare to the OG model of this sneaker. This is an iconic sneaker from Adidas that many should have seen already. It was a tennis shoe at first but has now since transformed into a lifestyle shoe for everyday wear. Now, Adidas has implemented their latest cushioning technology, boost material, into this classic sneaker. Today, I have the Adidas Stan Smith Boost here for a review.

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Biore Moisturizer says:

Reported for physical abuse on the box

Aldrick Espinosa says:

You should just never say the word Nike ever again

Steven Espina says:

are these true to size ?

faneto says:

these descriptions of the shoes are so corny and forced



Usman Nafis says:

First video I’ve seen of yours, you just earned yourself a sub 😀

Johnny Lim says:

Hey what do u like better? The primeknit boost or the leather boost for the Stan smiths?

itseman2 says:

Did you go true to size?

tony says:

How boosty is it tho?

LaSombra CS:GO says:

These are dope

Colt Kirwan says:

Just coped the triple white ultra boost and made a video of it!

YollowBoys says:

Hate how the front is so big and long.

Cris Reyes says:


confused3257 says:

Definitely a cop!

kwengca says:

I’m gonna cop once they do a Stan Smith boost primeknit haha

Pho Chigga says:

Honestly it’s really not that comfy and I suggest true to size, I just get they for three days, I didn’t half size down like most people say, but my toes hurt.

Mr Pillow says:

where did you get them ?

James Fletcher says:

it sounds like you were shocked that the boost midsole was more comfortable than the standard stan smith midsole

Shoe Tube says:

I mite rock theses what should I wear with them ??

Nandan Mohan says:

is adidas Stan Smith water proof?

&reas Bimmer says:

I may sound stupid but do these green and white shoes match with a lot of clothes? Lets say I wear brown pants or bright blue jeans? Or using a red shirt etc, I don’t know how to combine my clothes lol

Patrick says:

You need to size down, these are too big for you

Christopher Liando says:


Máté Dura says:

Hey s2 just here to say that your reviews are on point! Love your work and all your content!
Cheers from Hungary! 😀

JosepticBanana _8 says:

But is it still comfy?

Kaylee en Pa Lakburlawal says:

too soon. The primeknits are comming

Michael P says:

Probabably copping when there is a sale. This is a really nice shoe.

eddy7457 says:

just bought a pair on the website for 60$

Daily Mind Feed says:

Stan Smizz

R4bbit68 says:

They look massive…your heel doesn’t even touch the back of the shoe. I’m usually a size 11 but downsized to 10.5 due to the fitting of the shoe

faneto says:


Austin Thomas says:

Adidas should just put boost in all their shoes but they don’t have to expose them. I don’t care if other people see the boost, I just want my shoes to be comfy.

Wyatt Cook says:

its so cool how theyre adding boosts to adidas classics.
adidas is the goat

Donald Trump says:

Really looking like something you can cop on ali express. . .

Edik Meliksetyan says:

Cant wait for raf simons stan smiths with a boost

Kaylee en Pa Lakburlawal says:

too soon. The primeknits are comming

eduardoxmatias says:

first the primeknit Stan Smiths and now boost Stan Smiths? Adidas are killing it at the moment. The Stan Smith is my favorite shoe, I wear it almost everyday. I have the regular Stan Smiths, the primeknit and I just ordered the boost. I can’t wait until Adidas makes a primeknit boost Stan Smith.

Blake Gregorio says:

those stan are too big for u.

Saad Sirhandi says:

The prime knit boost are out make a video on ’em

GoodVibe Fashion says:

great detailed review man!

ghettobeats says:

The boost is exposed on the side to show they’re the boost version, I would have preferred that the boost be exposed all around with out it being encased in a rubber sole for better comfort, but I guess they wanted to keep it true to the original form… everyone says after you break em in you really get to feel the boost and the extra amount you paid makes it really worth it, but what do I know I have yet to wear my pair.

Arky PP says:

can you make a video comparing the original and the boost?

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