Adidas Superstar Boost Review and On Feet

Was able to buy these at my local Footlocker and truth be told, this model came out of no where for me. I only recall seeing the Adidas Stan Smith’s with boost online a few months back but not on these Adidas Superstars. There was only 50 pairs online at Adidas Canada and sold out within seconds. But for my purchase at Footlocker, it was hassle free. Adidas’ boost technology Is some of the most comfortable cushioning material available in the market right now, so how does it fend off by adding it into one of Adidas’ most iconic shoe? Let’s find out, cause here’s my review of the Adidas Superstar Boost.

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Jesus Mendoza says:

you’re channel is so underated lol get my bro more subscribers

Steven Louis says:

The upper materials on this pair vs a normal pair of superstars are different. Much more premium leather upper and the heel lining in these are a leather, whereas the standard superstar is a cheaper mesh nylon material.

shavvi sharma says:

u made very good video

JBreeze99 says:

the boost hanging out the side is soooo ugly fam. it just ruins the shoe for me

YodaGaming says:

I dont think it looks that good, I mean why would they show the boost like that :/

Clement Young says:

Boost is life

Oldie says:

I wear 10.5 also!… send some old ones my way? haha loved the video man, also such amazing quality.

Emmanuel says:

What model of watch is he using? Thanks!

Trenton Finley says:

I’d like this model much more if the boost was seamless with the design.

Marq Madison says:

Can you feel the boost in these? What boost shoe would you compare them to?

Zockanumber1 says:

these would be dope without that ugly ass boost tumor

enfreaky says:

How good are these as basketball shoes?

MaximRecoil says:

> 5:47 “All the premium materials found on this Adidas Superstar Boost are also on the Boostless Superstars already”

I wish that were true, but in reality, it couldn’t be further from the truth. The current standard $80 Superstar, which Adidas calls “Foundation”, has cheap, comparatively stiff leather uppers (not soft, tumbled leather like the Boost version has), cloth lining (not leather), pleather tongue (not leather), and a horrible sock liner (sock liners are sometimes called “insoles”) which is cut from a flat sheet of foam, which forms an uncomfortable ridge that pushes into the arch of your foot.

The older standard Superstars, which Adidas called “Superstar II”, from the 1990s until at least the mid 2000s, did have very nice, soft, tumbled leather uppers, and a comfortable molded foam sock liner (not cut from a flat sheet of foam, but rather, molded to match the contours of a human foot sole; no uncomfortable “ridge” because they taper from thick to thin where they meet the side of the upper). However, they still had a pleather tongue and cloth lining. The newer Superstar IIs, i.e., the ones made not long before they changed to the “Superstar Foundation”, had cheap, comparatively stiff leather uppers like the current Foundations have.

The only current non-Boost Superstars which have all of those premium materials are the Superstar 80s Shoes – – but they cost the same as the Boost ($120). Also, the stripes and heel patch are made from furry “pony-hair” instead of smooth leather, which is highly annoying in my opinion. I want a Superstar with all of the premium materials, but I don’t want those tumor-looking Boost things hanging off the sides and I don’t want fur, so it seems I’m out of luck.

I just returned a pair of the current $80 Superstar Foundations to Adidas, because they are junk compared to my 1999 and 2004 Superstar IIs.

Tyler says:

lmao those shoes are way too big on your feet.

Julian Beck says:

I was really thinking about buying a pair of these for me and my lady as beater shoes since Boost is the most comfortable option out today. We both have a pair of NMDs and Pure Boost but since you said these aren’t worth it and the comfort isn’t there I will pass and just cop another pair of NMDs. Great review!

Iswara Gozali says:

Couldn’t agree more on the barely noticeable comfort difference between this and a regular superstar. Definitely not worth the $60 extra imo

Romeoz06 says:

Lol!!!! They way the shoe box is thrown at the beginning. The sound of realisation that money has been wasted on stupidstars

ITS J 02 says:

Hypebeast shoe

Bobby Light says:

need a gazelle 2 boost

Tabish Khaan says:

5:45 pant name ?

Joe Brooks says:

Those shoes looked like they have a bit of space on your foot at the back

Marlowe Campos says:

They should have gone without the cupped rubber outsole. Encasing the boost material with rubber doesn’t allow the boost to expand as it’s being compressed. Should’ve went full boost like the Stan smith boosts but with just rubber track pads underneath. Almost there Adidas.

UberGhostCoffee says:

they should rename them to Adidas “Bitch Magnet” Since we all know hoes at school be wearing them.

Pernection says:

I wish Converse would bring back the competitor to this shoe. Theze damm adidas are narrow

Lerhondra Cannon says:

he just told a whole black history on adidas

Dirtyd23 says:

i was really hyped for this release until i saw the first images of it. Dont get me wrong i think it was a dope idea and still think they could have a good shoe if they would have made it look the same as a regular superstar instead of showing the boost. personally i think it just messes with the whole aesthetic of the shoe by showing the boost.

Erik Maddox says:

lmao u swimming in those joints

keyvon datham says:

Does boost feel better with or without insoles

Brandon Nelson says:

should’ve left the boost uncaged and showing like NMD and UB

Tabish Khaan says:

i am buying the same pant on 5:37 i love it and i am also buying superstars it will look lit!!!!

El Chapo G says:

you talk to much

Abe says:

awesome video !

ItsYourBoyJesus says:

ill stick to the regular adidas superstar

jr says:

The boost should’ve been on the whole sole of the shoe IMO

Faris Salhi says:

I didnt come here to learn about the history of adidas jesus

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