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My last youtube is about musical.lys! :

Sorry this video was late it was being I was in Vegas for thanksgiving!
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Autumn Elizabeth says:

this video is so freakin entertaining. i love it. you are a natural. new subbie!

Yoshi'sBurrito says:

my first pair of Adidas was a gray and black

xheyitsamyx says:

In size 8 in my superstars

Meadhbh Ormonde says:

I really want to get them put there like soooooo expensive

Christian Davenport says:


ROY _ GAMES says:

i was going to get the stan smith but i choose to get the superstar white and red,because i also thought it was a better shoe.

Rachel Plitt says:

Everyone is saying they’re big so I got a half size down (Originally size 8, got a 7 1/2) they’re still on the way in the mail.. I hope they fit.

shopkins lover says:

U got the fake ones

Ariana Butler says:

im getting some shipped for my bday and i got a 7 but im usually a six and a half. im scared they will be huge

Nancy Z says:

It’s big in the back

amber cristine says:

do they have those kind with the black stripes but white at the heel? like the exact same ones but without the black part at the heel cuz i swear ive seen some like that and thats how i would prefer it tbh

Trxye says:

is it possible to get these shoes without the golden part at the top? like just black and white?

لينا بلونيس says:

انتي مملة

Salad Gaming says:

Man the cringe

_Rail says:

Dang these are trending

Susy Reyes says:

What size shoes are those?

cat lover says:

If I had a 50 dollars for every time she said never I would be rich

xHemmos Penguinx says:

oh and also mine only costed £75 possibly because of currency difference?

Nikhil Bhakhri says:

Buy superstar at 1600 . Leather jackets 2100 8054958277 whatsap insta shop more get more

Nada Nano says:

اسمه نعال

xHemmos Penguinx says:

i got these yesterday 😀 i am so happy with them

Christina Jade says:

80 dollars for these shoes

Ni sou says:

wow cool ihave one like it

maialmansoori says:

your so flexible

lina huynh says:

Are these true to size or did you have to get a different size then normal? Cause people are saying that they are really big

Nada Nano says:

مو اسمه شوز جعل الشوز مادري وش اقول

Lil Sniff says:

Its not expensive tf there like the cheaper shoes

Dylan Oliver says:

lmao you said superstars are expensive obviously don’t know shoes

Hadassah Souza says:

ur 5 I’m 9 half

Vanessa Renee says:

I feel like if I get these the I’ll look like a clown

Lilly Karr says:

do you have a … I thought I saw one of yours before

Benjamin Wu says:

is the serial code on this pair B49794?

Pinky TheQueen says:

i got my shoes for $100

Keegan McGreevy says:

how do the soles hold up? i want to get these but im worried the rubber at the heel will wear thin if i wear them a lot

LittleCookiesxox says:

Ashley is it good for running??

Noel Reyes says:

I kind of expensive but compared to the Jordan and Nike shoes these Adidas Superstar have a good price. I have one pare with the same color as you and it looks fresh.

Cloy Hartung says:

I like your adidas shoes I have a pair of white and black adidas shoes

Jules GirlyGamer says:

i just got the shoes i love them so much

guru thanyu says:

so what size do you buy? 5.5? I can’t decide because my foot is 22 cm. I’m afraid that if I buy 5 it might be too fit and if I buy 5.5 it would be too big. Many people suggest that I should buy smaller size than normal size cause Adidas superstar is bigger than other shoes. Can you suggest me, please? Thanks

Oli White says:

How she say adidas what the fuck bitch

Jose Cuellar says:

Wanna go out

I hate myself says:

They are like 55 dollars at journeys

Ahmed Mohd says:

I wanna get one but they don’t match my clothes

conspiracy theories says:

i have adidas superstar shoes and i got them for christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sílvia Marisa says:

What is the difference between the Adidas Superstar J (Kids Originals) and Adidas Superstar Women Originals? Is it only the size? Or is there differences between the material?

clara 13 says:

your saying addidas wrong

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