adidas Tubular Shadow Knit | Detailed Look & Review

Hey Guys! Here is a detailed look and review of the adidas Tubular Knit.

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John M says:

I like these better than the yeezy’s. looks comfy AF

Colton Todd says:

i tried on a pair at finishline, and i dont know how i feel about them honestly

george fourtinas says:

i copped a tan pair yesturday !! they look fresh i dont like black and white one …

Bresz G says:



btec level 1 yeezys

sfgmanCA says:

i like these only because theyre not “yeezy”

Douglas Jorge says:

I’m going to cop. These look way better than the yeezy’s and at an affordable price. Wear what you like people! If anyone makes fun of you cause you don’t buy overpriced shit then they are not your TRUE friends.

Unkow_ user says:

are these shoes for womens too?

Squiller says:

Should I get these or nmd xr1’s?

Jake Delicióso says:

the reason they look like yeezys is because yeezys are addidas

B34ST THE KING says:

yeezys suck ass adidas shadow knit is way better

5L Rhythms says:

These are exactly what I’m looking for I’m gonna get the blue ones in two weeks and I can’t wait !!!

RylanFFA says:

If these came out as yeezy v3, the people saying these are poor man Yeezys would cop. They just want the name.

wryda1hunna says:

these are more dope than the yeezy’s

NintendoZone says:

video on bow to lace?

ITZ Daniel says:


ItsEpicXD says:

These are dope i would cop

george fourtinas says:

i would wear theese anyday than the REAL cheap ass yeeze knockoffs tha cost like 20 bucks…..ANYDAY ! poor man yeezes not really people !

Hendy Raynes says:

Are they comfortable

Keller says:

Can you tell me how these fit compared to ultra boosts? I wear 12 in UB but 11.5 in roshes and alphabounce, so I don’t know if I should get 12 or 11.5

Alex Perez says:

Idk why people hate on these shoes. They’re pretty dope!

Zach Freeman says:

Just bought white pair,, hope its looking nice

tea thriller says:

this was so helpful, I ordered a pair and wasn’t sure before this video

jabari McKnight says:

The tan is the best colourway

Julian Saiz says:

I’m selling my yeezys for these Whos looking for them camo yeezys

Kyle Williams says:

I lowkey like these better than yeezys…

Al MLG says:

these are dope, let’s be honest

Bailey Marlow says:

Can anyone help me out, it’s really wet where I am right now, and my pair of white tubular shadows are dirty ass hell. And I’m not too sure how to clean em’ Can anyone help me out??

Henry Deraedt says:

I have these on my feet right now

Memo Ronaldo says:

i bought it today 😀

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