Today I’m reviewing the Adidas Ultra Boost Clima! The Ultraboost Clima is based on the Adidas Climacool sneaker and features a lot of the same design concepts however not much is similar when it comes to materials and construction. The Clima Ultra Boost comes in three colors with the triple black being the most expensive at $220. Check out my review to learn more!

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Aaron and Gab reviews and vlogs says:

Lets watch seth talk,in 4k

SummerDanceSound says:

Agree with you about make it ALL BLACK!

ghee buttersnaps says:

I was thinking the same thing with the lace cage. I feel like they should have went 100% in when it comes to ventilation. It appears they were willing to sacrifice performance to play it safe by keeping the old Aesthetics

BMB Mountainbike says:

This video is 1080 NOT 4k

Ashnion The Salty says:

Look at Seth flexing on us with his 4K camera and his sign Off-White Jordan 1. Lovely.

Eric says:

Anyone know if they are size 14 (M) in Futurecraft 4d?

Diego Gonzalez says:

I think they look great on you Seth!


I’m totally gonna get me some; them sneakers look super-ventilated!!!

SK Lee says:

great review but i personally really like this colorway it’s just so low profile but yet so cool

Juan Sanchez says:

4K to see the pimple better in the middle of your head!

Kay Sheng Hong says:

Hi, do you have any tips on removing scuffs on the 4.0 cage?

kevin 95 says:

Super fucking sexy

OLEK10PSGfan says:

I got a question, so i bought some ultra boost 4.0 the first day i wore em i noticed the sole kinda started scraping off, is it supposed to to that?

Cxt 71 says:

I think this is one of the nicest looking shoes I’ve ever seen

Javier C. says:

got em triple white and it is fkn awesome <3

Abe Dabocol says:

If im a size 10 ultraboost. What size should i be in jordan 1? Need help. Thanks

Zonda says:

damn seth ur pupils make u look like a robot

Michael Lusk says:

the 20$ is for the stiffer black ultra boostage, most people might not notice with out being told ahah the black has more response as well for working out you’re knees

SpaceJump says:

Very good camera and video

Hampus Rytterlöv says:

I bought these and they are the best ultra boost shoe I’ve had. The only thing that I don’t like is that some parts like the lacetips and some parts of the cage is eggwhite while the rest is white. But that is on the triple white one. And maybe go down a size unless you have wide feet since it’s more roomy. In my opinion the pattern is better than both 3.0 and 4.0

Cong Wang says:

Nice denim jacket. What is the brand and model? Thank you

TTT says:

what are those sneakers in the right of background with orange stripes and yellow laces?

Robert Tiongson says:

i got the parley version of these… they’re lit.

Tullock says:

these are better for summer?

My Instant Search says:

Alright so where can I get your snapback hat?!

Adamče says:

I’m getting the same ultra boost except with the white boost and black top. This would be my third ultra boost

shadowB2st says:

ugly shoe

Unliveliness says:

I love the look and its so comfortable. I disagree with your aesthetic opinion.

KillerBacon says:

shoe would be great without the white spots on the front 🙁

Naga Waran says:

Honest opinion when you hold it in your hands it look fuck but when you wear it looks good.


Don’t wear pikachu socks with these…. just don’t

Moonshine Autos says:

What are the shoes in the right bottom corner?

Hilda Martinez says:

I want a pair

8kings23 says:

Does any one know if the ultra boost gloss black paint chips or cracks over time? If that’s the case I’ll stick to a white pair.

Eric Davis says:

Do you think it is a good shoe for festivals?

Dishonored Gaming says:

Not a good idea to have a 4k video with a pimple between your eyes

M Bla says:

A quick look on the adidas website and you can see it’s “Carbon”

Lightrojsp says:

That giant zit is all I’m looking at fml

chan hoong says:

Ultra Boost will be cheaper and cheaper

Rob Bassett says:

Damn, what kicks are those 2nd from the tope right? Got a little orange on them. Those look like something id like to add to my collection along with the climas.

Cody Dowling says:

as a first pair of ultra boosts for me, I’d say they definitely hit the spot

Yojimbo413 says:

I swear 90% of the people who buy this show don’t even run lol.

J. Immanuel Zacal says:

The video quality is kind of amazing.

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