Adidas ULTRA Boost REVIEW – Best Running Shoes EVER?!

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Adidas Ultra Boost running shoes review. These are the best running shoes on the market (as of the date of this video). Adidas has really created a winner here. Could be the best running shoes 2017.

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Jamir Roentgen says:

how about the durability of its outsole? ive been hearing a lot of negative things about its outsole. btw great review, very informative.

Leo Costa says:

Thanks for your time and great review!

Unam469 says:

No serious runner wear the Ultra Boost. For trainers Boston boost or Supernova boost, for races or tempo workouts Adios boost 2.

Tanu Randolph says:

Does size 9.5 and 10 have the same width??

Xian Yu says:

how about the durability of the outsole?



teenz wchen says:

Yes it is extremly expensive…i heard that the rubber sole wore out easily.

bass so says:

Will these hold up on long runs like a marathon?

Vidamo Josh says:

Planning to train hard core with these. I tried to fit them once for a minute. Not sure if the durability will keep up with the intensity of the hip hop training..

what do you think of the durability?

BC says:

how do your feet fit in the shoes?

K Martin says:

So if I wear 10.5, I should order an 11?

Deaf w Headphones says:

i wear a size US8 in nike roshe runs and i went half a size down on the adidas sl loop and it feels kinda snug, should i get a size 8.5US

Cole Lamontagne says:

Hey Riz! I’m twelve years old and I am a long distance runner.  I watch your reviews before I buy any new shoe.  So I wanted to get your opinion.  Adidas Ultra Boost, or Under Armour Speedform Apollo?

Jadon Wong says:

Primeknit or Flyknit?

Sujoy Nandi says:

How durable since you’ve been using it for quite sometime….

Ein Horn says:

Im going to chop the Ultra Boost Collective all-white

Gerard Gonzales says:

1:20 he said BOOTY

Michael Bertolino says:

I was thinking about one of these shoes: Adidas Pure Boost 2’s, Adidas Ultra Boost’s, or the Nike Free 5.0’s (2015). I really don’t know which to get, because you say that the Ultra Boost’s are your favorite running shoe and you also recommend the Nike Free’s, but when I talked to the person on the Adidas website they told me to stick with the Pure Boosts, since I have the original pair and I really like them. What would you recommend doing?

Jeffrey Rees says:

@rizknows will u be doing a review of the alphabounce in the future?

Nathan Massey says:

while the shoe is very comfortable – the build is kinda crappy. I found myself slipping on wet surfaces and the rubber knubs on the soles were wearing down after two weeks worth of running – that’s way too soon for that to happen for the $180 pricetag. I checked online and it’s a common issue for the ultra boosts sadly.

Yaosen Tian says:

Do you have a comparison version of Adidas ultra boost caged vs uncaged versions?

Pernection says:

It seems they made the forefoot thicker from the older model

Dave says:

will the bottom of the shoe wear out easily??

abdulaziz basem says:

Hey Riz I recommend buying the adidas Galaxy 3m

cellphone96 says:

Weird, I’m almost always a 10 and had to go a half size down. But I know they’ve been reworking the shoe. But yes, once you run in this shoe this becomes the standard for every shoe to follow and I don’t know if I’ll be able to find a shoe anytime soon that beats the Ultra Boost. Best running shoe ever.

Silviu Serban says:

Hi! Is there any sensation that your little toe have the tendence to fall over the boost foam in the exterior of the shoe? This is because right close to the little toe the black zone which cover the upper textil in the exterior is not reinforced like it is in the front zone and it is also somehow interrupted too close to the pinky. I tryed a pair at the dealer and the first sensation was that my little toe goes out on the exterior. Was something like I run with four toes on the sole and with the 5th in the air. Did you’ve had the same sensation with these ultra boost? Many thank’s!

CHANDRA SEKHAR Pradhan says:

hey riz i was going to buy a ultra boost but i found they also have a model called ultraboost ST, can you clarify the difference between the 2 models?

Christophe Vautier says:

This video doesn’t convince me that these are the “best running shoes ever”….
Narrow shoe, expensive, wears easy. Adidas is mainstream, overpriced, and overrated….

Alex Zevallos says:

Great review man. Just picked up a pair today and I do agree they’re overpriced but hopefully they last longer than my old Nikes.

Yu Sheen Tan says:

I was thinking of getting these for regular casual wear, mostly indoors and occasionally outdoors as well. How do you think the outsole would hold up in conditions as such? +RizKnows

tim louis says:

Are they still the best?

Saud Altamimi says:

are you arab ?

jamesiu1234567 says:

hey riz! performance wise is the 3.0 better than the uncaged?

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