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I have been loving all these Adidas Boost shoes that I’ve been reviewing. I was skeptical of the compound at first as being a marketing gimmick, but honestly, the cushion and responsiveness has been a blast to run in. This pair of Adidas Ultra Boost seems to be the road king in Adidas’ line of road shoes, featuring the most boost out of them all.

While I totally loved the cushioning, responsiveness and overall comfort of the PrimeKnit upper, the shoe had a number of weird choices that make it a bit of a disappointment to me. Besides the huge heel-drop (10mm) and overwhelming weight (11.4oz), all of the plastic pieces used to construct the upper and general thickness of the PrimeKnit made me a bit confused.

I can see this shoe shedding quite a bit of weight by addressing those issues and becoming a really likeable long-distance monster. What about you? What do you think about the Adidas Ultra Boost?


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Walter Ritchey says:

I know they’ve updated this shoe a number of times since your review. I share some of the same concerns. Can anyone speak for durability of newer models actually using it for running? I’m no trail or cross country runner, but I’d like something I can do some 5km jogs in a couple times a week.

Daniel Lugo says:

does ultra boost run true to size?

Patrick Huertas says:

How’s the lockdown?

LeonXOV says:

Any chance for you guys to review on the latest version which is the continental outsole one?

Andrew P. Attivissimo says:

Thank you for your honesty in this review. You made good points in regards to the shoe’s durability and weight. Do you feel that has improved with the Ultraboost 3.0?

TylerX Jerman says:

Review the Ultraboost 3.0 it is a lot better and all your dislikes are fixed in that shoe except the price

Adam Matthews says:

its a 75% energy return aswell. better for heal strikers but good for runners trying to transition. £130.

x3i4n says:

id pay 120$ for them. thats it.

Cheeplestase says:

love your videos man, but this shoe definitely looks better than the sketchers shoes. The reasons to buy this shoe is looks(Kayne wears it) and the boost material.

Daniel Sowell says:

What about the new Adidas pure boost? I think that shoe is a whole lot lighter than this one, I didn’t see any plastic on it at all.

Dylan Carraher says:

You should test the new ultra boost uncaged. The sole is updated to make it way more durable, and they removed most of the plastic and extra things weighing the shoe down.

thehermanli says:

Running shoes that are neither designed with a runner in mind or meant to be ran in.

I’ll pass.

mongezi nkosi says:

lasted 6months

Frankie S says:

can you do a review/comparison for the ultra boost uncaged because you were talking about how you didn’t like the cage

Andres Felipe Muñoz says:

The reference is??

Jayr Naidas says:

Is U.Boost applicable to use for ultra marathon? 🙂 thank you..

Let's go Champ says:

I just bought it 2 weeks ago. I tried it twice, I can feel my feet get warm the longer I run, the heel parts are big. You can notice its a big shoe.
I like how comfortable,
I like the color of it since I bought the blue royal.

but personally, I prefer adizero boost 2.0, light weight, smooth, and defiantly for a race

Hollywood Scentstory says:

too bad Boost turns brownish yellow & looks like shit

David Crownover says:

I’ve gotten over 1000 miles in my pair as my only pair of shoes and well worth it!

Steven Le says:

if you’re interested in a lighter version, you might like the uncaged version

Will Poss says:

You should review the energy boost 3’s by adidas

David Coyote says:

Ethan, can you do a updated review on the 3.0 Adidas Ultra Boost? I think you’ll be very pleased with the new updates Adidas has done.

Richard Bozeman says:

I trust your reviews can you review lunarepic low

Robert Peterson says:

What about Zoot Ultra shoes? They are suppose to be great shoes but havent heard much about them.

Karthik Mannavarapu says:

Hey hi. Would you please review NIKE LUNAREPIC

Lance Evangelister says:

I’m interested in purchasing the new Adidas Pure boost for my running routine but I’m worried that they may not truly be the best option. I typically run 6-9 miles a week. and I’m a heavier runner at 230lbs trying to cut weight. I would love to see a video on shoe recommendations for heavier runners and pure boost 2017vs ultra boost. your channel is awesome and thanks for the content you provide.

Bob Billy says:

The other boosts such as Boston, energy or glide boosts are more suited for running and are cheaper

Mihai Gabriel Szabo says:

The first objective review i have seen so far.

Claudine Malis says:

Hmmmm… Thank you very much for these reviews. It’s 3:24 am where I live. I was supposed to be asleep hours ago but I can’t make up my mind on which pair of shoes I should get. So, please help. I’ll run 10K on the 9th of November. I’ve been training since last month. I need to buy new shoes for the training until the race day. I am choosing among:

Adidas Ultra Boost ST
Nike FlyKnit Lunar 3
Nike LunarEpic FlyKnit

I’m a woman, btw… so what should I get?

bosnianboy malin says:

These are not real running shoes they’re sneakerhead shoes / casual shoes

Miłosz Frejnik says:

40km per week for 2,5 years (many half and few marathons in the way), and they still works just great (maybe they don’t look so fresh any more). I haven’t had any other pair of shoes during this time. So is it 180 overpriced ? It hurts when you pay for it but then they just pays of during the time you use them I had other brands (many years ago already) and they were wearing (New Balance for egsample) really fast. After half year not able to run on hard surfaces due to cushioning failure. Adidas Boost is just not wearing at all as it comes to Boost material. It just fucking works all the time, same way!
Wearing of of the hard surface web – true. It’s completly smooth on my pari but still not broken, and still perfectly gripping.
The top material is soaking, yes this is true, excessive water may be an issue. Overheating hmm didn’t have problem with that. I run in over 30 degrees half marathons. Maybe it’s I had other parts of body that were overheating much more, and I didn’t even thought about feet. Also worth to notice that I’m heavy runner (78~80kg with 183cm height). So for me the fact they could be considered as more bulkier is just and advantage. One last point… Although I’m heave I have my marathon personal best with 2:54 with this very Ultraboost of course. Cheers !

Steven Le says:

great to see a review of these that isn’t biased by normal sneakerheads who aren’t expert runners

zee ask says:

I really love this shoe, but I agree with you on the cost of the shoe being too much and the durability not being the best. Absolutely the midsole with the boost material is fantastic and great for my Achilles tendonitis, but these shoes die too fast for $180. Keep up the great work and reviews.

John Mills says:

Would you recommend the ultra boost for 10k race?

David Power says:

what does the boost feel like compared to the hoka clifton 3 cushioning? i have the clifton 3s and believe they saved me from injury. to be fair i was using the cheapest asics available and had really bad shinsplints after about 50 miles of use. ive done 139 miles in the hokas and im pretty good.

israel lopez says:

Review the Ultraboost 3.0 and the Ultraboost ST

tom colicci says:

are you wearing them for distance?

Adam Matthews says:

you should review the new ultra boost. has better grip. lighter. better upper

Gamertag Woody says:

Ginger runner sorry but I have to disagree, I run 5 miles a day on average, and the ultra boosts are the best shoes I have ever worn. You’re right about them wearing down quickly, imo it’s their smart idea to make shoes run out quickly so you shell another 200$ for them, but if you focus on trying to make the soles not drag when running they’ll last you a lot longer.

Great shoes, price & durability is an issue, but god damn are they comfy.

Middy says:

Luckily they fixed almost all of the problems you had with the Ultra Boost 3.0.

Yllor Gayares says:

i removed the insole then it feels like feather in the feet

Clorox Bleach says:

honestly weight shouldn’t even be a factor or something to keep in mind… I am a football/soccer player, and I have a variety of cleats that are “heavy” to really “light”… I’d the shoe is made out of leather and is referred to as “heavy” I train in them and feel the same way I do with a really light cleat like a mercurial which is extremely light… now side by side there’s a clear difference but honestly it shouldn’t be a factor, weight has no effect at all when running… sorry if this was all over the place or if it was confusing, it’s just hard to explain what I’m trying to say in full detail

john godinez says:

I agree I got 2 pair and the ones im wearin to run in now Iv had for less then a week and the knobs on the bottom are already starting to rub smooth that’s bullshit for $180

Heavy Raindrops says:

I honestly found these running shoes the most comfortable to run with. New running shoes are always expensive to begin with, just wait to buy them because the prices tend to drop a year after.

Luis Emilio Hernández Gámez says:

I loved this shoe, however is too mucho money for it. I’ve just bought some kinvara 5, great bargain and I think Im going to switch to saucony.

Robert Tiongson says:

on point with the thin outsole and long term durability… for those who actually run in them.

Julius cariaga says:

I have the ultraboost and because you scored nike lunar epic 16/20 i bought them too..but honestly the ultraboost which you scored 12/20 is better…maybe instead of 12/20 it should have been 16-17/20…

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