Today I’m doing an early review and on foot of the brand new Adidas UltraBoost Uncaged!


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Severe Savage says:

Follow my insta:SevereSavage

Mr Originals gaming & more Originals gaming says:

Any tips on starting a channel just started mine today?

Davon Nordelus says:

“You can dress them up”

Vincent Cahyadi says:

dope video! quick question though, is the new released Ultra Boost has 3 dots at the Boost midsole rather than the 4 dots as the older one? Got mine recently but just curious because my pair has 3 dots instead of 4. thanks

7elephantastic says:

People saying the original boost is better is because they can’t get their hands on the uncaged. Uncaged looks and feel a lot better

Jafet Martines says:

I had to buy the woman ones but they are amazing!

Kairi Noruma says:

Where did you buy it from???

Prison Security says:

Should i get these or the black/grey?

Dustyn The Champ says:

Do they look good with crew socks or nah?

Angel 12145 says:

The collar makes the shoe already tight. What i did and i think yall might like is that i took the laces off and you basically have a laceless shoe. Yall should try the laceless idea. I tried it and i love it

Pyllynalle says:

I need these

Martin Dental says:

The video review helped me. I tried the regular “caged” on couple times and the plastic side cages bugged me. I couldn’t get past them and the bulky feel. I’m a fan of the Boston Boost and I like the snug feel. I own 5 of them. As soon as I put them on, I got faster. Not so with the Superglide (too much toe room) or even my Adios (not quite enough under my feet). So knowing the uncaged is snugger than the Ultra Boost, I will give them a try even though I try to stay between 7-8 oz.

SuperBizalz says:

3:48-4:04 – Yeah, my Ultra Boosts make that same exact noise at work.

Luckily, only a few floor-areas at work have the really smooth floor that make that smacking noise with the Ultra Boosts.

Ninja T says:

Does the sock liner scratch anybody else? I wear no show socks and it is bothering me. Do I just have to wear it in?

Lucio Cisneros-Luedtke says:


FreeKick Noob says:

I don’t get it why people buy running shoes and don’t run

Erick Ramos says:

Dirty Asscheeks

Scott Hastings says:

I tried a pair of the green ones on today in my size and it felt like my foot was being crushed beneath the laces so I think I’ll be going half size up if I get a pair

Tronn Camua says:

Is the ultra boost uncaged and ultra boost 2.0 fits the same?

Nikon D3200 says:

I am a walker mostly on concrete pavement . How many miles will I get out of them for Walking Only ?

Tavi D says:

When I put them on in the store, I immediately felt some next level comfort

jesús Mendoza says:

I hope everybody buys this shit, so I can buy the caged ones more cheaper

George Cedric says:

They look better than Nike roshe run

Bluey says:

Di uncaged looks way doper(for my opinion)

USMC Asf says:

Do people wear socks with this?

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