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My review comparison of the Adidas Ultra Boost running shoes and Energy Boost running shoes. These are two of my favorite and two of the best running shoes on the market (as of the date of this video). In this review I discuss the various advantages and disadvantages of each product and ultimately which I would recommend.

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Shahin Ibrahimov says:

would be great to see review of Response Techfit 23 men’s shoes , please 🙂

TheJohnsoned says:

Nice video, pls i need your advice, i always jog on hard ground and its now affecting my knee. Which of the two shoes can you recommend?

Chris Moore says:

Hi, nice review mate. Quick question, I have watched your other video in which you rate the Ultra Boost Higher than the Gemini, but which would you recommend between the Gemini and the Energy Boost? Both are a similar price at my local store, so really what I want to know is whether the factors that made the Ultra Boost better than the Gemini apply with the Energy Boost, or whether you get more for your money with the Gemini? Thanks!

Mike Hawk says:

if you wanna run, run towards a nike shop i’d say, because nike free’s are the best for running. hands down! …or hands up? i don’t wanna get shot!

TheDriftergt4 says:

How’s the outsole after using them for so long? The only thing keeping me from buying them is the outsole and how fragile it looks, I think it’ll melt in under a year


I just wanted to request you to make a lunar flyknit 3 vs ultraboost
I would really apprecite it

ahmed al-yame says:

Thanks pro

104wyatt says:

dude on ali express they has ultra boost for £50 and they are actually legit not fakes

Lockie Brown says:

I love the ultra boost one what is the colour of them called

beefcurtainz69 says:

For just casual wear like walking around the mall are the ultra boost one of the most comfortable shoes you have tried?

Colin Schultz says:

Thanks for the advice!

Kobe Lebron says:

I use ultraboost for casual use

Alex de Leon says:

I bought the Energy Boost and I don’t like the hard structure is exposed and can be damaged easily. I think they are designed for pavement ONLY.

Matthew Rodriguez says:

Can I go true to size or down half a size? I don’t want them to have air in them when I’m wearing them

AK November says:

adidas shoe + reebok socks works better?

thats it says:

what about the adios adizero boost 2? any good??

Alex Rodgers says:

hey Rizknows! can you do a review on the Adistar boost? thanks

Ambrosius13 says:

Hello. I am a big fan of the spira running shoes with the spiral springs. Just wondering if you ever tried them and how they compare to the ultra boost?

Chiu Tat says:

May i know do the ultra boost has the micoach cavity ?

aris aris says:

ultra boost 2.0 or energy boost 3?

David Hasselhoff says:

I cant find the orange one anywhere!!!

joao melgo says:

Hello,in your opinion which of these is more durable? How many miles can i do with ultra boost?

cheryl b says:

Thank you. You are cute by the way ^^

Kevin B says:

What are your thoughts on the Ultra Boost ST?

牛加羊 says:

Dose the sole of the ultra boost last long?

thats it says:

love your reviews!!

Gr8Success says:

I had adidas ultra boost since may 2015. 1 take in consideration when purchasing to get at least half if not 1 number more than you usually wear (to avoid having your big toe sticking up through the mesh . 2. make sure you won’t scratch the mesh or ripp any thread because you will have an 180$ usd ripped socks on your feet .3 i have done in them 630 miles ( 1016 km) in 9 months walking -speed walking and running(on asphalt) and the black rubber mesh on the sole worn out completely on my right foot (dominant foot) and now the foam is starting to crack . So i take in consideration to change them after 9 moths … not sure if to try energy boost or get ultra boost again. l

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