Adidas UltraBOOST 19 Review & On Feet (UltraBoost 2019)

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Today I’m reviewing the New Adidas UltraBoost 19! The Ultra Boost 19 features a primeknit 360 upper and a 20% larger Boost midsole. The Ultraboost 2019 released on December 15th and will rerelease in February 2019. The Adidas Ultra Boost 2019 was previously thought to be the Ultraboost 5.0 but was officially announced by Adidas as the UltraBoost 19. Check out the review to learn more!

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lyndon macaraig says:

Wait so what’s the difference between the ultra boost 2019 vs 2018?

my name says:

what do you mean they sacrificed aesthetic for functionality, i think these are one of the best looking ultraboost since release, they’re sexy!

Xavier Robinson says:

It looks a lot better on video vs pics

Alec White says:

Guys check out the Adidas app because new color ways are available soon. (They drop February 21) I wear size 10 in nmds and they’re perfect for me, does anybody know what size I’d wear in these? I don’t own Ultraboost so idk what size I’d be.

Huy Tran says:

True to size or 0.5 size up thank u??

Ramon Foster says:

Yes run in theses shoes and give a review.

MrScOut says:

Back in 2015 the Ultraboost is the only shoe that has the most boost

4 years ltr

Now we have even more boost.

Boboz9 says:

Stock X commercial anyone?

Monk Killedababy says:

………..this is a tragedy for my heart, but it may just be a savior for my wallet. I don’t like these – at least this colorway… there’s something off about em.

Geek4Tech says:

Honestly .. ugly ultraboost .. last generation much pretty good looking

MGTOW Mike Swagger2themax says:

I would put a shiny black where the stripes are and add color to the stripes and change the color of that web lines

Jonathan McCurdy says:

The heel frame refers to the fact that it’s not the full cup. Like a 3D space-frame vs a shell.

Seymour_24 says:

How do these fit compared to the regular ultra boost?


this fucking shoe looks like elephant vomit tbh

Mark Tran says:

Ugly shoe pass

Aaron Peacock says:

Hate them

Kin As says:

thanks for the detailed informative review

dickson mo says:

UB19 was more stable than UB1.0-4.0
But still comfortable

Ditsapong Bunyutitamkun says:

I dont like this 19. It lookS strange. I love my UB 2.0

MrScOut says:

Hers my opinion on all ultraboost ( excluding 19) it is comfy af fresh out the box and over time it sort of mold into your foot, and its still comfortable even after a year ( depends how often you wear ur UB) i wear it once or twice a week. However once it sort of mold to your foot, alot of shoes feels whack, like my huaraches was my first comfy shoe even better than my 2016 airmax then i tried the NMD_r1 and its aight the boost wasnt what i expected at that time, i expected it to be slightly softer than the huaraches foam. Then here comes the ultraboost, the only boost which is actually soft ( or you can feel it at least) for some reason the NMD is firmer for whatever reason. Ultraboost 19 seems pretty good considering the extra 20% boost they added in, was skeptical about the design but i guess it looks aight with certain colorway.

Mewtwo420 says:

Thoughts on the black orchid colorway? Just ordered I dig the black cage

anda vaides says:

The 19 model is ugly AF . I’m a big fan of ultraboost but I’m NOT buying those, no f**king way !


*Suft* 2:41

Keyzo says:

I hate the way this one looks but i think it might actually look good in different color ways, All black and some blue upper primeknit for some pop!

yungtiide says:

I feel like this is a whole different shoe for performance and shouldn’t be directly compared to the Ultra boost 1.0-4.0. I still believe they are going to make a 5.0, and it will look like the old ones.

Otavio Ide says:

Terrible aesthetics

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