ADIDAS UltraBoost ATR MID 2018 REVIEW ( is this a GOOD Running sneaker? )


Adidas UltraBoost 3.0 ATR Performance review All Terrain. Running shoe sneaker with boost. Is this one of the best shoes of 2017 ? or is it overrated.

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reza sanzero says:

Very nice bro… check out my channel there is also Unboxing Ultra Boost 4.0 Triple Black and Also Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Blue Tint..

Daniel Bagueira says:

Great review again, man! Keep them coming! Greetings from Brazil

blazterbr says:

I believe adidas is going to the wrong direction with their shoes. All they have in mind is the “athleasure” market and lifetyle. If you see their line-up today, they only have 2 shoes for the hardcore runners: Boston and Adios.

hermanndusek says:

Will they be all right for summer aswell? I suppose they could qet quite hot, which I wouldn’t really like

ic3iii says:

Most ultraboost reviews I see are on the styling of the shoe and not a performance review so I appreciate the informative video! It’s tough to throw down $220 for a pair of shoes but I love running in the rain and the waterproofing looks like it works. We’ll see how much longer I can stand stuffing newspaper into my shoes.

tao_the_god says:

Nike pants with adidas shoes…

all i gotta say (not hatin)

Dakota Valdes says:

What are your favorite places to run in austin

Tim McDermott says:

Extremely articulate. Well done young man!

JackTheDiviner says:

Dope video I loved the music

Rice Is Random says:

I picked those up for only $150 not $220

vdabeast says:

Whats up Jamison, i need a new running shoe the upcoming basketball season because our coach makes us do conditionig by running a few miles on the road and rarely trail, and also makes us do sprinting full speed on the track along with jogging a few miles on the track. I want to definetley get a boost shoe because in need impact protection and my school wants us wearing only adidas gear. Is there and boost shoe u recomend. I dont know that much abt running, so thats why me question might seem strange.

"Once There Was An Ugly Barnacle, He Was SO Ugly That Everyone Died, the end" -Patrick Pinhead Star says:

I mean if you review shoes for trails and running then yeah, normal ubs are terrible for that. And it ruins the boost. These are just casual shoes that don’t get messy in rainy or cold weather. And they can keep you warm.

220 is heavy but that’s why I got em for 160 on stock x

luke brown says:

I stumbled upon your channel earlier this week. I want to start running just to stay active and healthy. I like the channel because you know your stuff and the video doesn’t go off on a tangent about bs. Good work.

Jon Power says:

Great video

Nick Crompton Fanpage says:

Haven’t got them yet but you really helped me with my opinion about it! Thx!

George Angelopoulos says:

Great review Jamison. Maybe could have been longer, but a good one :p

If I may ask a few questions…

1. Only a winter shoe? Gets too hot to run on the road with in Summer?
2. There is more continental rubber on this shoe than regular UltraBoost running shoes, hence last longer or better grip?
3. You feel the regular UltraBoost offers better support and comfort for road running?
4. Can you take out and replace the insole in this shoe, and all UltraBoosts for that matter?

Thanks Jamison 🙂

Wesley Savage says:

I live in Austin too 😀

Hugo Sanchez says:


Siris CSGO says:


cheesetits94 says:

Nice review dude!

James Ambrocio says:

Great review. But $220? Dafuck?

Isaac Gallegos says:

Does it have a rock plate?

Frank Martinez says:

I use this shoe for hiking make sure you dont step on rock you cant sprain your ankles. Like 3 times I sprain it

Miguel Marquez says:

Bruh why you running so much …

Levi Morgan says:

You’re from Austin? I loved there for 7 years, moved away to San Diego then found this channel.

Football Time says:

#marybethornah this is my favorite video on your channel Bc I have maybe 10 shoes, but this video is what convinced me to add this to the collection.

jayraydntplay says:

Nice shoe, great vid

Peter Tran says:

You need more subs, +1.

Nathalie Menard Calvano says:

Got those
Shoes and they are great but not really good for snow

Scott D says:

i bought a pair. wore them for 45 minutes playing tennis and they had a hole ripped on the top from the material over stretching. This shoe is only for running straight. Also they are very narrow, it felt like my foot was hanging over the sole.

Thomas Pawlicki says:

Your channel is awesome. Great review pros and cons are on point.

fluffy Unicorn says:

What running pants do u have on there weird unrelated question

black winter gaming says:

We got some snow in SA

Luke Kotz says:

Hey Jami how should I transition into forefoot running? I just got done with XC season, winter running and then track are coming up next. Currently I run in Asics gel pursue 3s with a 10mm drop.

Jake From State Farm says:

5% of whoever buys this shoe won’t run in them…and the regular ultra boost looks better

LaPointe says:

#MaryBethorNah because I absolutely love this shoe

F0RTHEWlN123 says:

Looks gay. No one runs in these type of shoes

Off_time stuffs says:

You earned my sub keep making this type of videos.

Joshua Panter says:

Are these shoes heavy

Josh says:

WTF? “all terrain”…. It’s just an ultra boost thats a mid top. Just spray crep on your shoes and its water resistant also. This is stupid.

Football Time says:

I think it’s dope af, looks great, and it just seems awesome. But I feel like it was more for hyprbeasts and sneaker heads hungry for some more boost.

Mr. Poopchillan says:

Bro I noticed you tend to land on you toes first like tip toeing instead of your heels while running. You need to change that man because it does some serious problem to you hips and your plantar fasciitis in the long run! Just lookin out man

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