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rocsteady blindman says:

costs a lot of money to look homeless nowadays

Afro'd Avenger Music Reviews says:

I’m a Converse guy. Never gone out of style. The high-tops are my absolute jam.

rocco rostagno says:

kanyes a fuckin clown

djpish_ 16 says:

The tan yeezys are ugly the rest are better

brenno silva says:

essa voz que você tem, eu queria ver você falando “eu sou um gangstar” *risadas*

jake sereny says:

your yeezys are fake

Fuzion Buke says:

It’s can not cantch

CrewBish says:

“It’s says the 350 boost were originally released with the star to show the first releases and the following shipments included one dot”

Jennifer Rosa says:

ugly ass shoes

Daniel Capellan says:

Where did u get them

kadon owens says:

Who here has yeezys. Mine r the white boost 350

ShaolinTemple says:

whoever paid for the shoes should go ram their head against the wall for being dumbasses and they got ripped off

Joao Augusto Ribeiro de Almeida says:

sou o unico br aqui nesta porra?

小林陸や says:

You look like Aubameyang.

Pedro a says:

where can I buy these?

Emilia Nagyova says:

the front of the shoe looks fucked up

ShaolinTemple says:

all it is is an expensive Sketcher walking shoes dumbasses all around

ShaolinTemple says:

everybody are idiots and less if the shoes can make you fly everybody are dumb asses do you guys know if everyone stopped buying Jordans for 2 days they would be half off just like these shoes over $1,000 did you know it cost less than 300 to make the shoes what a bunch of f****** idiots dumbasses all around the world

destroyer1353 killer says:

Those are fake as fuck

RX7 FD3 says:

the first song u sing is from Rush Hour Right..Chris Tucker singing in the taxi..hahaha

Isaiah Farley says:


Tameem Altamimi says:

Dang bro u got the fake motherfucking yeezys aww I fell bad for u

Tom Bomb says:

Yeezys r my favorite hyped up shoe but I can’t afford them sadly


they are so ugly i wouldn t take them for free

Will M says:

lmao Kanye made a slipper and everyone is freaking out about it

Brian Thomas says:

that’s it. those are so plain and cheap looking. people are dumb as fuck to buy those

michael burleson says:

Trash! All that money for a basic ass bullshit looking shoe! If ever I buy, it for RESALE ONLY!!

YGcashJr says:

kyrie 3

Brynlee Kip says:

Great video, I also review the same shoe in my channel, you are welcome to check it out. For those who are into UA, we got you covered.

alien Dude says:

fake yeezies from winsors

Oskar Price says:

fak3 as f didn’t even come factory laced, batten is off, yeezybusta should get on your ass

Specimen Airsoft says:

how did he get these for $200

vikyvoky says:

where did you buy it ?

neoweirdcrap Tv says:

some ugly ass shoes

Rell Facts says:

I like the shoe but the price is ridiculous. Doesn’t look durable enough to last long. This type of shoe looks like it is meant for casual wear, loose, something you can slip on quick.

Bella Yeezy says:

if you need yeezy 350 v2 retail version, please contact me on whatsapp +86 17081930391

MEME Admin says:

its fake i saw the real vs fake vid

Luka Drago says:

Where can I buy the boost 350 v2 for 220 bucks ? Link please.thanks

Mini May Ham says:

TBH I don’t really like yeezys

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