ASMR shoe review! (Adidas, Timberland)

Enjoy this shoe video!😊

Go check out adidas and timberland’s clothing wear. They have very nice clothing and I suggest it to all of you!

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JoeTheBuffalo says:

u need a new mic

Ironmetal500 says:

Damn common rich white boy shoes

David Cancela says:

Where are Jordans? You need some Jordans!!

Minifeg says:

“I got them for…. the price I got’em for”

Nice save

stricte antri la vio says:


error 404 says:

Wait. Blonde hair AND blue eyes? Gues whos back LOL

Minifeg says:

I don’t know why but this video makes me tingle so much

the tucker army says:

Those shoes are so crappy you got them out of your toilet

Trev Vlogs says:

I have a question, did you dye your hair white or is it normal like that?

Magsfull says:

Eat me tbh

UnBreakable TV says:

Ortholite has to do with the insole. That’s really all I know

Hip hop Fail says:

Are you albino

Chelsea Call says:

Your eyes are amazing

scrumy gamer says:


shenanigans says:

This kid really rich? He seems to have more shoes than Imelda Marcos.

Epic Gamer says:

You mean Adidas Tubular

M. E says:

Your Eyes, your Hair, your Face! – you are beautiful!! amazing…

Xiaoyuwon says:

Literally you have a perfect face. Should start modeling while you’re still young.

Bia rio says:


wesboy 064 says:

My favorite asmrtist

Cody Jalen says:

Dude when is next video coming

DJ Stevens says:

Latex gloves


Why are you whispering

Kim L. Cancer says:

It should be Albino Boy ASMR. Not ASMR Boss.

Th3R34LCr1ms0n 0 says:

A tip for your blue snowball mic get the adapter but for the headphone port

Scoperzz YT says:

I Have The Same Shoes But Black

Tj Hill says:

Great video

Sims K says:

cute <3

Mike Anderson 2002 says:

Why the hell are you so handsome
Ur really cute !

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