Best $100 DAD SHOE? Adidas Yung-96 Review and On-Feet

Today we review what might be the best $100 Dad shoes of 2018! The Adidas Yung-96. The Yung 96 sneakers are inspired by adidas’s archive and sneakers like the adidas Yung-1 and Adidas Falcon.
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FIORIX says:

Are this shoes good for a winter?

ivy Strauss says:

Getting these tonight

Emperor Predator says:

I got skinny ass feet and legs. Do these still seem like a great feet for skinny legs?

Wey says:

These are so hard underrated way better design than Yung 1s . I own a pair.

Hit | Survival Games says:

Where did you cop these pants?

Steven Sanchez says:

I have these and they look better in hand, video quality doesn’t do it justice

k33ps m says:

i got a pair of the off-white colour way with the little purple highlight (see footnote)* and i’m hypeeeed its been forever since i’ve owned a pair of Adidas creps since i’m quite into my t h i c c b o i s ooooo baby they should be here in a few hours! ☾ ༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽

Marcel del Valle says:

does this dude paint his eyebrows? just curious…

robert mccormick says:

I’m not a fan of the dad shoes trend , I am interested to see what next years trend will be though

Mike Slobbe says:


Nejla Hasinovic says:

would you say that girls can still wear them cause theyre looking pretty nice!

by the way are they comfortable?

NTH THN says:

Puma Thunder is the best dad shoe. Everything about that shoe is dope.

Juan Guerra says:

You got better brows than my girl

김선민 says:

I wonder what kind of pants you are wearing. Could you let me know?

ice wallow Kumm says:

Is the quality good? Because I heard people complaining about the quality

Hacker Ter says:

Got them for 75 today

Nicholas Pappadakis says:

Bro I’m 20 and I just bought these yesterday lol

Edit: I had to go a half size down too and my right foot also feels a little more loose than the left, weird lol

Conor Daly says:

I know this is like four months later but if anybody is here in 2019 there is a Chinese New Year colorway coming out that’s pretty hot

Abimael Rojas says:

Notification gang

LIDZ says:

Ayy copped these the other day

Janusz Kowalczyk says:

Is it 3M?

Trey Soj says:

Where i can cop these in manila area?

Lord Infamous says:

Before I go a half size down, are your feet narrow or wide?

bu says:

I have 2 pairs coz I fucking love these

hassan Waleed says:

ugly ass shoe

Jan Vejvoda says:

I bought these and had to return them, they are not really comfortable, but the main problem was that after some time on feet (like an hour or two) the insole started screeching loudly when I walked in them, at first only right shoe screeched, but after some time left started as well. At first I thought its the outsole, sometimes new shoes screech on pavement, but they even screeched on carpet, than I discovered that for some reson the insole slips under the foot and screeches when your feet get a bit sweaty (some exces glue or something…).

Shad dow says:

Poor man raf Simmons, dope tho

Damian Cady says:

$100 for the girls to be callin you daddy? can’t say no

Edit: you were talking about the RF Ozweegos when you mentioned how similar they look

john wick says:

Yeah 2019 prediction sounds right

Mark Vargas says:

Best dad shoe for me is the Osiris d3. All time fav.

witch blades says:

cant even style them lol joggers are a big no

BenJamin S says:

Yung 96>yung1

astro says:

I bought them for 62$ :))

Michael Diaz says:

They ain’t dad shoes

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