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Jaswin Tandana says:

A better version of Pure Boost, which in this latest version has been added insole. The old version has no insole and in my opinion it also affects the comfort of the sneakers, especially for me who usually all day wearing sneakers. Thanks for the review Heskicks.

g1beanmobile says:

great. i was going to pick up some puma RS-0 play shoes i found but i kinda want these now.

Edgar Martinez says:

I’ll wait till they hit $70 on sale or something

Valdez Nation says:

Hes when is the exp x 14 review gonna come

Drop Astroworld says:

U can find ultra boost on sale for under $100 I have found them for $80 at oulets

Daffa Romero says:

Is this stable enough for running? Not feeling like dropping an extra 60 bucks for an Ultra Boost.

Al-Jhun Albyn says:

Looks like an under armour after gym sneaker (I forgot the ID)

Airon Pogi says:

Is this comfortable even if youre not wearing socks?

Arjan Cheng says:

Is the boost thick? Almost like the ultraboost feeling?

Fred Kensington says:

Could you do a review on the adidas Questar tnd

Abe says:

Lol just buy boost from a outlet for like $90

MiracleWarriors says:

Is this new Pureboost as “breathable” as the DPR ?
Only using sandals to beat the “breathablelity” Pureboost DPR for the summer time !

Noah Boock says:

Can someone explain to me the point of an insole in shoes like this. Ik some shoes have hard soles but for boost shoes I don’t know why

KDpyro says:


Sangita Tigga says:

Top 5 or 10 versatile sneakers

Hans says:

How wide are those compared to 2017 pure boost?

5timeAcademyAwardwinner Kirk Lazarus says:

Found Walmart Boost for $29.99 , better deal I think. Its like you walking on cloud ~

alphazoom II says:

$120…. heck, you can buy the Uncaged Ultra Boost for $94.38 shipped on Adidas. HES had the sale link and everything…so no , not the best deal.

KC says:

no continental rubber is a big disappointment

Kixoholix413 says:

your air max deluxe dropz in 5 hourz lol 2 colorwayz i think

Hyllo says:

You should sharpie out the heel counter net to make it look cleaner

Kixoholix413 says:

dope vid thx for doin this vid these go hard af cant wait till i can dawg em out like my pure boost 2z

Albert Teng says:

In terms of comfort, pureboost 1 and 2 were the best, in terms of look, pureboost 2017 looks really cool. This one err… i duno, kinda reminds me of nike roshe runs

Afi Zhafran rakyat kungkingkang planet says:

This or Nmd ??

Young Gotti says:

These are simple and dope….might hit some sale racks for how simple they are

Dodi Mendoza says:

got mine last july 17. superr comffyyyy! i really loved it.

Mertza says:

Go on eBay and get eqt boost for 80-90 bucks, best money I ever spent

Peter Luna says:

I copped those yesterday in that same black colorway and I love them already

Calbic Thrust says:

You can get the ultraBoost uncashed for 120 and the eqt support 93/17 is 100

kb kicks says:

amazing review bro!

Steven Schomisch says:

Do a review on the Reebok Aztrek

Yesnier Merced says:

Yo can you review the NewBalance Fresh Foam?

Kixoholix413 says:

i need these hope they pop up at es and i get loot soon…. itz just like we talked about i need those dprz too

Jank Paul says:

This is exactly what I wanted from Adidas. Clean simple design with Boost. Like Roshes but with Boost.

BennyPaddyCake says:

You should review the nike legend react

Mambutu O'Malley says:

Do these also have a stupid plastic toeguard on the inside like the UBs?

Brady Loughner says:

There isn’t prime knit on the DPR’s …


I prefer the 2017s ’cause they have a much more quirkier look to it, but what I want to know is how good they are for running… As the main selling point for me on the pureboosts was the freedom it gave my feet (no torsion bars, lack of a heel counter etc)
In my opinion, that burrito tongue is amazing, it gave such a different dynamic and I liked how the tongue (no matter how strangely) could accommodate bigger feet by extending the burrito
I saw that thelatest offering went back to its roots and removed the rubber support from the instep… I wounder how that felt like

AlTorres94 says:

What I really loved about the pureboost 1 & 2 is that the boost was so soft and squishy. The pureboost dpr and the 2017 pureboost the boost is not soft and squishy at all. Im hoping this pureboost has the same comfort as the original pureboost 1&2

prazert ng says:

does this fit the same as the pureboost 2017?

XBOXtwistZZZ says:

DPR upper is ass and 120 isn’t budget 60$ I got the dpr for 60$ coincide

dru812002 says:

Does this replace the Pureboost DPR or will there be a DPR 2?

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