Did ADIDAS Change The NMD For The BETTER???

A surprise pair of kicks from adidas with something we have never seen before.

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Jacques @Kustoo Slade is a guy that loves sneakers and creates Youtube videos about them as well as other things. This channel has sneaker collections from Nike, Jordan, adidas, Yeezy, Reebok, Under Armour and more. He also does sneaker reviews, sneaker shopping, performance reviews, and sneaker history. He also loves technology, music, and pop culture and often mixes the three with sneaker to create one of the few “sneaker” channels that bridges the gap.


joe thompson says:

I am new to you and your channel, but what is your take on the brand Under Armour ?
I like under armour for hiking / casual wear, puma for running and Nike for casual wear .

SRodriguezProduction says:

Wondering if the “R4043” has to do with left or right, and then European size?

Mogo Cice says:

I dont see no green

D.j Games says:

I got nmd r1stlt r2 rollerknit and r2 primeknit and ultraboost st

CarterSauce TM says:

I wanna see a fortnite adidas colab

JsoloMeDiA says:

Best Rapper/Producer in the world….. Get some good headphones and go to Spotify….”MeDiAAiDeM”…I apologize if I am still in the Matrix….. Lowly false views….. Should be fixed soon……

Muhammad Dzulfikar says:

Where i got the shoes man? I am from indonesia thankyou

Sergio adrian Reyes says:

U should let me have them

Flippantbubbe7 says:

Whos tryna cop the international 12 thus weekend

Canuck Customs says:

That five hour repetition of the 99 intro literally gave me stage 5 depression

Orin Magee says:

His name was in the credits of one of the Brooklyn nine nine episodes. Like this if anyone else saw it

Abrar Aziz says:

Ay yo this Brooklyn nine nine!

Ike Phipps says:

How much do those retail for? Love that camo look

RoMee says:

93/17 EQT are the most comfortable boost shoe, then yeezy 350 v2, then ultra boost. The NMD STLT are more comfortable then the regular NMD.

Kevin Nair says:

i thought the stamps were for some kind of DIY NMDs

Dick Magee says:

Dude, I like ur videos but this ad is kinda scary, I really don’t appreciate it. Specially horror movies

Krishen Goswami says:

Those look sick

Keisha Sprott says:

I have those

EatMyTime Internet says:

Lols like fake to me. I mean i know its authentic but branding and nmd print etc made it look fake

Arbie Alemany says:

Pure boost > nmd when it comes to comfortability

Eagle Hunt says:

Unbox therapy vibes here ahah good content bro

Vnbs Al says:

i got mine at the footlocker in new york but i got the regular adidas box lol

Dillon Prince says:

Does the video just cut out at the end for anyone else?

Barry_87 says:

Brookline nine nine !!

jpizzle 63 says:

He milks his videos his videos should be 3 min long just stfu and show us the shoes nobody wants to here your bs

Crappypasta says:

am i the only one who feels like I watched this video like a week ago…

Thomas Hawthorn says:


Jake Roberts says:

if the EQT 93-17 with primeknit is not the MOST comfortable BOOST shoe the the Ultraboost is…. NMD is like almost the worst… but I understand you have a job to do…. LOVE YOU JACK.

Kevin Caballero says:

I love your shirt (818)!!!!

Edgar Lopez says:

Where you get that shirt from??

Alexander Henry says:


DMR _363 says:

I gotta say the most comfortabke shoe ive ever felt were some clarks shoes but ya know they aint hype

Will Levy says:

La best city lmfao full of homeless people and drug addicts

Danny Rodriguez says:

Ultra boost – eqt – pure boost – nmd r2 – nmd r1

Morgan Hart says:

I have the same nmd but mine is just white boost

Nikhil Bindlish says:

How do I get em

Troutster TV says:

The back of that shoe looked terrible.. like a little kid took a sharpie to his brothers NMDs

Julius Kibe says:

Do a 1mil give away

Serpable says:

My art teacher showed us ur LeBron 12 video in class and ur my favorite YouTuber

Extreme Dankness says:

I like how it takes him a minute to start the video and not start blabbing bout the box and his shoe size and patreon…. def subbing

lalakersmami says:

It kinda looks like NMD off white shoe

Savage_ Uchiha says:

Those NMDs fire

frisco prez says:

C’mon, even the iniki boost its more comfy than NMD’s

STrIkE x ninjas/oKerrzy says:

You’re from pacoima ? I live in Pacoima

Iso Games says:

video starts at 2:45

Danial Ku says:

Brooklyn 99 leggo

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