Fit AND Style Upgrade || Adidas Alphabounce Beyond Review and On Feet

After more than 1 year and a half of its release, Adidas have finally decided to create a second iteration and upgrade to a model of their sneaker. Debuted during the summer of 2016, it was a shoe that used the Aramis technology, which tracked and motion captured the running form to perfect a shoe. That shoe eventually became the Adidas Alphabounce, made for performance running but also stepping into the boundaries of an everyday shoe. Now in 2018, they have reworked the silhouette into a new one, transforming it into a new shoe that not only works for running, but as for cross training. Today, I have the Adidas Alphabounce Beyond here for a review.
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Sophie Briseneau says:

I just copped these a day ago but have not worn them outdoors they make me feel like im floating.I would recommend these for running and style

Vibez 123 says:

Excellent review. Going to buy them

DiannasDiary says:

Best review I’ve ever watched.

Gara Von Hoiwkenzoiber says:

5:05 looks like your feet are spilling over the sides, looks like the shoe is too narrow for it’s length?

TheAviationDude says:

U deserve more subs tbh!

ez__mac says:

real heat. love the tech look. just had to grab a pair from finish line today.

Red People says:

Nice video!

Michael Chan says:

Looks better imo. Hope it would be better since I disliked my Alphabounce em.

Raul Barriga Puruguaya says:


FACE4910 says:

The original Alphabounce was better looking , IMO .

bluntkrayon says:

Looks like a yeezy from above because of the midsole

diggy561 says:

I really like these, think they would also look sick with some sort of “tech fleece” like fit for my needs.

AyyGin says:

The text on the insoles is the best part about the shoe imo lol

yog6789 says:

Yes I want these so bad now

Jake Zem says:

I found them for $80

The_KAZ3 says:

I really want to know, what is the difference between each versions. There are like the EM’s, RC, AMS, CK, Lux, LEA, Beyond and the originals

_MTM says:

You deserve more subscribers with the quality of your reviews!

Coen Master Builder says:

Great review! I have a Pair of Bounce Dame 3s for basketball and I’ve been wearing them non stop for about 4 months and the Bounce has crinkled BUT the foam has almost become as comfortable as my Ultra Boost!

Jastin A. says:

I got the core blacks and they’re very comfortable and responsive! The continental outsole addition has got to be my favorite.The upgraded silhouette is definitely more of a head-turner than the last generation of AB. The ankle area has extra padding on the inside further increasing the fit and comfortability. One of my go-to pair when I take breaks from the UBs!

WhoIsMaxi says:

The sole looks exactly like the v2 yeezys. I noticed how they made it wider on the forefoot, exactly like how mine are. Super wide. And the heel comes out quite far, too. I personally like it, and I like that Adidas are starting to make their cheaper shoes look similar to yeezys. Taking inspiration from an incredible design

Kixx Navida says:

Good review for a good shoes

dino spartan says:


Sofiane Nanou says:

Looks great

Eddard Snark says:

Looks cool from far away. Up close it looks like it’s covered in sprinkles lmao.

Crummock iPhail says:

Let’s be real here. No one’s running any races in the Alphabounce. They’re dope casual shoes, but if you want performance running shoes, look somewhere else. Adidas makes the Boston and Adios for that kind of stuff.

Can Can says:

Which one should I get: eqt support 93/17 or the blue tint yeezys?

Chaney Houk says:

Am I the only one that likes the older ones better?

alba FX says:

Black “seed” things all over it don’t look that great

Bobby Bailey says:

had the alpha bounce for about a year… might be time to move to the AB beyond but also interested in getting boost

KC says:

im waiting on the red pair

albium card says:

Would you say they work well for running for flat feet or semi with high pronation?

Jonas Lam says:

Is the original alpha bounce good for casual wear?

Jake Aubuchon says:

Stop talking like a robot

Jaswin Tandana says:

this alphabounce is the most gentle one compare to other model. especially the red one. try search Adidas Alphabounce Beyond Red with code AC8626

Jorge B says:

Clean shoe

Josef Alora says:

hated them at first cuz i thought they looked too similar to the yeezys, but they’re growing on me

Oodam Wylde says:

These actually look sweet. Can’t wait to see the collabs to come.

Juan Mendoza says:

This colorway is clean!

mxwright says:

Anyone who has these find they have an unpleasant smell? I bought 2 differnet sizes and both smelt the same. Hoping it goes away but may have to bin the shoes if it doesn’t.

Gustavo leon says:


Shivendra Mall says:

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