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This review answers the most popular question, “Is Futurecraft better than Boost?” and goes in-depth on the adidas FutureCraft 4D as it launches to the public on Jan 18th, 2018. I also sourced some common questions from people who follow me on social media.

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Cavest – Can’t Lose (via Lowly Palace)


Comentator says:

Sneakers can change lifes…. dude thats deep…

MikaXD says:

Looks like bounce

InsaneArcher says:

how much do they weigh? I know they are different for every one and every size but what is the weight of yours

Deejay CriB says:

u’re video are really dope! nice work!! awesome détails,including video, that’s dope! keep it up

Pokehon says:

These are pretty cool!

Nat says:

Boost is better imo. Source: I was able to get a pair on the NYC drop.

Jessica Ruettiger says:

wow this is amazing!!!!!!!!!!

hashir says:

The vapor max is really really horrible evil

Caleb And1 says:

Adidas trashcraft, Adidas bootycraft
Adidas faggotcraft

Awesomekid_ says:

Theres no way you wore them for a year and the soles aren’t worn out yet.

T.C.J B says:

shoes are going to change lives! I bet the Malaysian kids who made them will be the last to receive!

Blake Mallow says:

I mean the new futurecraft 4d is cool and all but it doesn’t look as stylish as the boost

Vatelite says:

So, tthe midsole is 3D printed?

Liquid Empire says:

Again same Design fuck it

MastiN says:

This sneaker blows away anything Nike makes now and so does the Ultraboost.

Nick C says:

Fuck the futurecraft makes me cringe so hard

Mainely Mesh says:

you deserve way more followers, well done!

Will Xu says:

As a tennis guy, there’re the barricades with boost that feel great to walk in, but making sudden stops on the squishy material didn’t feel great and control felt a bit off so seeing something that can feel nearly just as good but has a lot more stability seems like the perfect sole for a tennis shoe

Hype Beast says:

Just get it from StockX lmao…

HamzieIsHere says:


GamingCreeper says:

Dang i just bought yeezy boost 350 zebra today now my mind is mad at myself that i didn’t see these shoes,dang it
Now what?
Its still ok though at-least i still have a comfy shoes
Edit:i really want those dang futurecraft

Brainsoda says:

cool shoe! ahhhhh, wait, not my trypophobia… EWWWWWWWWWWWWW

Andy Billinger says:

Damn… sneaker reviews usually suck. This is put together pretty well… keep it up *sub*

Birk Akselsønn Systad says:

Buy a better microphone PLEAS

supboy666 says:

im a light person so ill wait till the in-store foot scanner so i can actually get the full advantage of the 4d 😀

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